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I'm Dorsey Baker, been writing all my life, almost! been having trouble sending this.
My favorite poets are: Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe, Tell more next time, if this goes through. see ya!

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A Couple of Dollars19.05.2011 Humour
A Time To Think08.06.2011 Psychological
Afraid of Fear25.06.2011 Life
Alvin09.02.2012 General
An Age of Elderness26.07.2012 Life
Birthday Cake26.04.2011 Life
Combustible Mabel31.07.2012 Thoughts
Darkness of Fear05.05.2011 Thoughts
Force of the Bullet and the Flow of the Blood27.11.2011 General
"I Find Fault"26.05.2011 Philosophical
In Pursuit of Tranquility31.01.2012 General
INTO THE WOODS13.05.2011 Philosophical
InVitation Accepted22.07.2012 Love & Romance
"Let Them Swim"27.07.2012 Thoughts
Match Made In Hell29.04.2011 Remembrance
Such a Superb Being29.10.2011 Satire
The Emotional Life of Aggression09.05.2011 Psychological
The Man Who Slept By The Pool06.07.2011 Psychological
Vulture Kind of Man06.05.2011 Psychological
A Snake Sheds Its Life11.06.2011 Sorrow
Addicted To Your Sweetness24.07.2012 Love & Romance
Ask Beauty For Nothing26.02.2012 Emotions
Baby Do You Wish Me Dead?13.06.2011 Lyrics
Baby I´m Your Ice Cream Man10.07.2011 Lyrics
Call the Police!18.04.2011 General
Com Pat Ability20.04.2011 Marriage and Relationships
Crumble Down Port Au Prince13.07.2011 Lyrics
Evil Woman16.06.2011 Lyrics
Family Blood14.06.2011 Lyrics
Famous Man15.07.2011 Lyrics
Fighter, You Fight-16.07.2011 Emotions
Get A Life04.06.2011 Thoughts
Gun Him Down27.06.2011 Lyrics
Howling Wind25.08.2011 Lyrics
If God Was Not, A Lovng God24.06.2011 Thoughts
Image as the World You See12.07.2011 Thoughts
In A State OF Mind17.05.2011 Thoughts
Is Just A Dream07.06.2011 Emotions
Is True Love02.07.2011 Emotions
It Just Takes Time04.07.2011 Life
Just Fall in Love29.06.2011 Lyrics
Just Spread Some Love Around07.11.2011 Lyrics
Just The Dog In You19.07.2011 Lyrics
knowledge is no enemy24.04.2011 Thoughts
Let Love Out28.04.2011 Lyrics
Life is Just a Moment in Time11.07.2011 Philosophical
Living the Life of an Old Dog01.07.2011 Philosophical
Look at the LoveBirds11.05.2011 Love & Romance
Looking Too Much Behind23.06.2011 Lyrics
Love Gives09.06.2011 Everyday Life
Love Triangle23.04.2011 Lyrics
Marching Feet17.07.2011 Lyrics
Mister Matchmaker Moon22.04.2011 Love & Romance
Morning Rain07.07.2011 Lyrics
My Guitar Is A Friend Of Mine06.06.2011 Lyrics
No Rainy Forecast13.07.2012 Thoughts
People and Things30.06.2011 Lyrics
Rain Fall on Us08.11.2011 Lyrics
Show and Tell28.06.2011 Lyrics
Society Is No Show18.05.2011 Lyrics
Some People Like22.06.2011 Life
Some People of a Different Cloud23.05.2011 Life
Such A Beautiful Sight01.05.2011 Lyrics
The Angry World08.05.2011 Thoughts
The Blues Is Like A Lady28.05.2011 Lyrics
This Feeling Called Love03.05.2011 Lyrics
train wreck of life08.07.2011 Life
Turn You On05.07.2011 Lyrics
Until You Find Love25.04.2011 Love & Romance
When I Plant That Seed26.06.2011 Emotions
When Love Comes Down21.07.2011 Emotions
When You Think About Love12.05.2011 Lyrics
Young People17.10.2011 Growing Up

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