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Little Black Monsters26.04.2007 Sorrow
Tapas in China21.03.2007 General
Frozen Tears - (Lacrimae Durescae)02.02.2007 Life
To Erica (an anagram)01.12.2006 General
Vocabulary24.11.2006 Humour
Brats06.11.2006 Life
Time05.11.2006 General
Lunch02.11.2006 General
When was ...27.10.2006 General
Rebecca24.10.2006 General
Old MacDonald23.10.2006 General
For RE21.10.2006 General
The Apple Pickers19.09.2006 General
Roaming the Land06.07.2006 General
APPLES29.06.2006 Humour
Separation24.05.2006 Life
Waiting for the Waiter19.04.2006 General
Punishment and Penitence12.04.2006 Emotions
Fanmail04.04.2006 Life
Monaco03.04.2006 Life
Rumours23.03.2006 Lovegrief
Undies on Sunday22.03.2006 Humour
En Route06.03.2006 Life
Who else16.02.2006 Life
A Bedtime Story08.02.2006 General
Domestic Desire01.12.2005 General
SOLO20.09.2005 Life
Ton nom14.09.2005 Lovegrief
Prism Prison06.06.2005 General
Ambrosia20.05.2005 Fantasy
The Vet12.05.2005 General
Ode to Reason.21.04.2005 General
Eb en vloed26.01.2005 Life
Sleepless Night25.01.2005 Life
The Sound of Sand20.01.2005 Emotions
A Sea of Sunflowers18.07.2006 Humour
Absence makes the heart grow older30.06.2006 Lovegrief
Anorexia and Alcoholism31.01.2007 Life
Aviation03.11.2006 General
Basically Blue20.11.2006 General
Batty22.10.2006 Humour
Biscotia20.09.2006 General
Changing of the Seasons16.10.2006 General
Confucia10.04.2006 Life
Dancing for Death01.11.2006 General
Death of a Dream02.10.2006 Life
Ecco Me!15.05.2005 Growing Up
Een paar kleine dingen03.12.2008 Everyday Life
Female Eroticism14.07.2006 Love & Romance
Gucci Girl03.10.2006 General
IC REM28.02.2009 Love & Romance
In Hiding16.02.2007 Emotions
INFERNA25.04.2006 General
Letter to God09.08.2006 General
Mother Nurse04.07.2006 Life
Not the End of the World26.04.2005 General
Overgang/Transition06.04.2006 Growing Up
Page 3912.07.2006 Loneliness
Rainbow19.01.2005 Fantasy
SAPPHIRE29.07.2005 Life
The Dream of an Empire01.07.2006 General
The Outing10.07.2006 General
The Waiter13.04.2006 General
Thought-Daughter19.10.2006 Life
Travel Companion07.08.2006 General
Vaarwel16.03.2006 Lovegrief
VISSEN22.02.2005 Life
WISHES09.05.2006 General

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