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My name is Kim Haslam and I was born & raised in Connecticut. All my life I had a great passion for acting. I was in small time theatre productions and by the time I turned twenty - two I decided to move to the Big Apple to pursue my dream. NYC was a struggle and I was making my living bartending in between auditions. I finally was able to break in to TV (when I didn't winde up on the editing floor.) It was quite a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately by twenty - five, I had to find a job with a steady paycheck and health benefits because I began to suffer from a very painful condition called Interstycial Cystitis which in essence is chronic pelvic pain. Still wanting to remain in the entertainment business, I found a job as an assistant to the VP of Digital Media Research at MTV Networks. This job has been a blessing - but I still ached to fulfill another creative outlet, since I'm not a very analytical person. That outlet was writing. Right now, my writings consist of poetry but eventually I would love to write a novel even if it never gets published.

I figure I will start swimming with the small fish instead of diving in with the sharks. I hope to learn and grow as I continue to write. It truly is therapy for me physically and no doubt emotionally. I hope to find readers whom enjoy and relate to my creations.

Summary of THIS GIRL

THIS GIRL is about love and loss. It's a girl who questions life, who misses those whom have left her life; the ones that made such an impact on her heart. She is struggling to find balance and forces herself to recognize the beauty of the world in her saddest mometns. Essentially that is what keeps her going. However, if you read between the lines of this poem there is some depth to THIS GIRL, which is why I titled it this. Its a girl who ultimatly loves but has a hard time grasping the realities of life which is why she can't remember ever crying.

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