Scott Wahrenberger (Estados Unidos)

Scott Wahrenberger writes under the pseudonym S. Wilhelm von Wahrenberger to honor his Bavarian grandfather. He is a single father of three almost grown sons, and lives a reasonably quiet life in a former mill-town in Pennsylvania. He has published 'He Came From Earth' his first novella of the Sci-fi/romance genera this year.

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An Endless Time; A Tribute to Jack London02.02.2009 General
An Irish Family Reunion12.02.2009 Humour
Another Irish Family Reunion11.02.2009 Humour
Chingaloon02.12.2009 Science-Fiction
Daimyo11.03.2009 General
Daughter of Frankenstein03.07.2009 Horror
Legends of a Shotgun06.07.2009 General
Sheriff Billy04.02.2009 General
The English Editor10.02.2009 General
The Forgotten War08.02.2009 War & Peace
The Meat Popsicle24.03.2009 Satire
The Nuclear Marble06.02.2009 Science-Fiction
Ugly July05.02.2009 War & Peace
Why Vampires Cry07.02.2009 Horror

Primera publicación en 02.02.2009.

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