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„Juliette – A Homage to a Grand Dame“ por Bernhard Pappe

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Asirik (

Pictur Author
Was it Juliette Greco? I was living in Paris at that time and loved the city. Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, all fascinating persons in the Quartier Latin....

Respuesta por Bernhard Pappe (14.08.2016):
That’s right. It is Juliette Greco. I have never seen her live on stage. A good friend of mine made this drawing after concert with her. I feel your stay in Paris war very very exciting. Best wishes Bernhard

I Bebe (

Pictur Author
Dear Bernhard,

what memories do you stirr in me, memories of youth and enthusiasm when I watched her black image in TV and listened to her unforgettable voice.

Kind greetings to you from Irene

Respuesta por Bernhard Pappe (05.03.2014):
Dear Irene, the drawing made a good friend of mine. He saw her live on stage a couple of years ago. It’s his kind of memory. For me it was a pleasure to find the words for the memories. Kind greetings for you Bernhard

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