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„A love so deep“ por Christina Dittwald

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Thefeather (

Pictur Author
Dear Christina,

a lovely poem about your grandson.

"The grandson is your one and all
your good mood will never fall
when he is often nearby you
you´ll go with him to the children zoo.


Respuesta por Christina Dittwald (05.04.2014):
Thank you Dieter for your kind words! Yes, Nanuk is the apple of my eye - and he loves visits to the zoo! I hug you too, have a great sunday Christina

I Bebe (

Pictur Author
Dear Christina,

what a wonderful poem to the first grandchild. He will be your favourite even if other grandchildren will come, for he is the first. What you probably did not enjoy as much with your child you can enjoy it now.
I'm glad you have him.

Greetings to you,

Respuesta por Christina Dittwald (04.04.2014):
Dear Irene, thank you for your kind words! Every day is a holiday when we see him. Cordially yours, Christina

Pictur Author
nice story, indeed, dear Christina, but sometimes it shows a strange order of sentence-parts:
"and our orchids daintily we sprayed..."
"and this for us was such a perfect trigger"
"in came toy boxes,lego, bears, giraffe"

Es gibt zwar die Objekt-Umdrehung im Falle einer speziellen Betonung. Scheint mir hier aber nicht der Fall.
LG von Monika

Respuesta por Christina Dittwald (04.04.2014):
Thank you, dear Monika, for your opinion. Have a nice weekend! Greetings to you Christina

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