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„Snow in the Meadows“ por Irene Beddies

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Pictur Author
I hope that the colour of those feet is
"red" ... so that there is some HOPE for
an escape from winter's white shroud?
(-.-) Inge hg

Respuesta por Irene Beddies (02.01.2015):
There's ever HOPE, how white or desolate something seems. Take courage... (*!*)Irene

Night Sun (

Pictur Author
Dear Irene, tiny tracks are signs of life in a silent winter world of snow under a pale blue winter sky. Your Poem Shows a wonderful winter scenw of snow covered trees and white Meadows. Best regards, Inge

Respuesta por Irene Beddies (30.12.2014):
Thank you, dear Inge, for reading my impressions. I wich you a very happy and successful New Year. Greetings from Irene

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