Carolin Schwab

Red Tears

Every day,
when you are broken
just wishing to die
you are not able to express your pain
You cannot cry
You cannot scream
You cannot move
You cannot think
And the only thing
Your power’s enough for
Is to take the razor blade
Slowly you are strawing
Over your skin
Looking for the location
Feeling most
Always looking for the things
Hurting most
Causing most pain
Depressing yourself as much as possible
And slowly you are pressing
The sharp blade into your flawless skin
You feel the pain
Compressed in this single point
And you want more
More of this pain
This only thing you are living for
Your sense to stay alive
In full consciousness you draw
This red line
Through your whole forearm
And see the tears
Tears you could never see
Tears you ever wanted
To be able to cry
And you observe your own blood
Blood running out of your wound
Red,warm and hopeful
Giving you the power
To stand the time
Until your next oppurtunity to feel life
Flowing through your body and
Its opportunity to be seen.......


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Carolin Schwab.
Publicado en el 01.05.2006.


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