Joseph Trance

Aides´ Data

"'re telling me there is no data."
"Yes.  Well...and no."
"Is there or isn't there?"  Field day for parents, advocates, lawyers...start writing blank checks.
"There is...but..."
"What!?...but WHAT??"   I hated these conversations.   I hated the ambiguity and the nonsence.
"It's different type of data."
"Frequencies?  Durations?   Latency...intensity?  Different than those?"
"Yes.  Different.  It's aides' data. Literally."
"We do not take data on the aides.  We take data on the students.  Not on aides."
Kenston smirked.  "Data in aides.  That's what we have."
"I'm done.   Data in aides.  What kind of shi...?.
"It's data from all their observations... all the input from their sensory systems."
"Their sensory...?"
"We have an app.  We have found a way to syphon all those neurons, memories complete with all their sensory experiences.  ALL.  Captured.   Everyday."
"Every.. ?"
"Day.  Yes, sir."
"All sensory.."
"I can show you."
 " Yes. Show me. "

(to be continued...)


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