Joseph Trance

Family Christmas Reunion

The air vibrated with the beats of 2 drum sets combined.
The clouds parted at the sounds of clarinette and piano strings...
Harmonica Country Rythum Chords Carried SORROW away on the BLUES Train...
Guitar strings danced and the LIGHT Burst through LIFE's despair.
The name of JESUS sounded out LOUD in Thanksgiving for all that had been done in each life.
The family of 20 plus laughed away heaviness and dread, and all the Devil's Plans shattered in the Strength of the Joy of the Lord..

Tiredness was dropped off each of us as RENEWAL settled our SOULS.  And all that had been lost was restored... and more.
This was the Celebration of the eternal promise.
This was the Song of LIFE that cound NOT be Silenced..

Yes, there had been challenges and Sorrow and Despair and Brokeness...

BUT.. in the LIGHT of HIS LOVE, in the Birth of HIS Son, In the COMING of LORD...all DARKNESS was DESTROYED...

"Hark the Herald Angels Sing...Glory To The Newborn King..."

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Publicado en el 28.12.2019.


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