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Deep Clean Emotional detox

I wrote the following while I was doing a workaway experience (similar to woofing, work and travel) in California. 

I was choosing this work to digest all the stalking experiences I had had and there is a very nice saying within Feng Shui that cleaning the outside , cleans as well the inside.

So I travelled and filled my mind with new beautyful things during the free time exploring beautyful California and during the workhours I cleaned the hostel rooms from inside out and from outside as well the inside. 

And while I was working my writers and singers mind started to create as well (=.


Enjoy one of the rather humour filled approaches.


PS: Yes. It helps for real. Feng Shui is right on that. BUT ONLY when you do it in your own time and in your own personal precision and dedication.


Deep Clean

Get the spoil Out of tiniest corners.

Away with all that Can get flushed.

Old dust and rust And strangers traces.

No-one needs mud, no-one needs shit…

No-one needs assholes & their servants,

Not even a tiny bit.

Deep clean.

Fuck Off !!!

And where the crust of the rust Does not fade

Where the dirt does not flush

Not even with polish powder,

Paint recoat, let it reshine!

Get rid of marks, and spoil and grease,

Put true souls right back to ease! Yeaaahh… 


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Publicado en el 22.05.2021.


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