Antonio Justel Rodriguez

ASUNCIÓN PÉREZ: my paternal grandmother

... without, perhaps, intuiting it, my grandmother, Asunción - 7 children, 7 - was happily powerful: a real saint;
how I have before me her beautiful hands, her eyes, her silhouette, slender and fragile, and her great radiance,
that figure in black always with the knotted handkerchief, fair, fair, next to the god of her mouth;
and it is that she was, there was so much goodness that she shed, the light that she gave off,
that she expressed words and stay like seeds of soul with gleams of gold;
... and, since her houses were adjoining, sometimes, at sunset, and at the front door,
she used to meet my other grandmother-Angela: smart, hard-working, intelligent,
the one that often instructed me by saying yes, son, yes, that wherever God is ...!
and, both, looking into each other's eyes and talking, they made each other's faces happy and smiled;
then, and seeing them, I sensed that my kingdom of water, earth and mud,
it blazed with force on the round blanket of the plaza;
... today, in her house lives a great great-grandson, my well esteemed cousin, César, our Mayor;
and I am sure that, between being and running of the most alive, deep and quiet hours,
from the mud walls it burns and shines, the sweetest look of such a beautiful love.

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Publicado en el 30.05.2021.


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