Alexander Piepenhagen

For dinner with your executioner

An ordinary man, white colour worker, 35 years old, dressed smart, attends a weekly session at his handler. This is less to impose particular orders but rather to maintain the perception of the omnipotent party. Initially follows the conversation its usual path with minor and major insults against him. Mr. Verdugo, his handler, goes quickly through his questionnaire in order to shift to his private, more sadistic interests. He is himself of a skinny stature with little charisma. He is known for his preference to humiliate his assignees. For example, occasionally he prompts questions like: "Your doctor informed us about your erection problems. Simply to complete our documentation, do you want to add something to this?" Generally reacts Hagen to these questions formally and cold, trying not to satisfy this impulse. However, these days he was in a worse mood than usual. He could not suppress his emotion.
"Mr. Verdugo, what are we really talking about? You are asking questions everybody knows the answer upfront. Every week I am sitting here, listening to your nonsense, participating in your act. Do you actually believe in your position? Do you think you are all powerful and playing here the merciful god? You are nobody! Completely irrelevant!"
Verdugo looks at him calmly. A little smirk is notable and he leans back in his chair.
"Mr. Hagen, I understand your frustration. However, please do not undermine our relationship because of some burst of emotion."
Hagen is irritated. He never planned to speak that openly to Verdugo but he could not stop himself. Everything happened in a blink of an eye and it just felt so relieving. For the first time offered Verdugo him some water and even invited him to dinner. Surprisingly, Hagen got the impression that Verdugo is now more relaxed than ever before. He even started chatting. It was surreal! This meeting evolved into a roller coaster journey of emotions. Instead of rage the response was nothing short of a confidence boost. Finally, in surprising fashion Verdugo gave him a piece of reality.

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