Hamidah Gul

The Right Hand

I was born like a human. I look like a human and I talk like a human. I even felt like a human at most times but ever since I was able to look up the meaning of the word ‘human’, I knew that I was not one.

At first, I was confused. If I wasn’t human, what was I? I had parents, friends and even a boyfriend and yet inside me I was positive that I was made up of a whole different gene pool. Earth didn’t feel like home and every time I looked at the stars, I thought that I could see something that belonged to me. Something awfully familiar.

The answer that I was looking for came to me, at first, through dreams. I dreamt of space, of a time beyond the continuum. I dreamt of shooting stars, galaxies and celestial comets. It was all so beautiful and also very sad. Because I knew they were just dreams.

Then the dreams stopped and reality came by in the form of a handsome man. It was a bright Sunday afternoon when I met him. He was very good-looking, in a dark, mysterious sort of way and the instant I looked into his eyes; I knew that he was like me, whatever I was. He looked like a sexy angel. My kind of angel.

He smiled at me as if we were old friends. I was in a park then and there weren’t many people around at that time. Yet I felt no fear of this stranger smiling at me.

“Hello, Sarah. I’m Michael. How have you been?” the man said in a smooth voice. He sat down beside me.

“I’m fine,” I said. “How do you know my name?”

“Are you sure that’s your real question? You’ve been wondering for so long now, haven’t you?” the man said.

“Alright, then, you tell me,” I said. This was it, I thought. The moment of truth.

“Go to the East Cemetery now and there you will know,” the stranger said as he got up.

“What? Wait a minute,” I said. “Can’t you tell me?”

“Go to the cemetery. They are waiting for you.” He began to walk away.

“I think I deserve something more than that!” I yelled as he walked on. “Hey!”

But he walked on ignoring me. I fumed. This wasn’t it after all.

I glanced at my watch. It was almost noon. Luckily, the cemetery was close by, only ten minutes away. Today would be the day when everything would be accounted for. I would know who I am and why I was here.

Soon I reached the entrance of the cemetery. It was not a large cemetery but it was big enough for the town of Murberry. Though it was decorated well, it was not an inviting place. Then again, why should a cemetery be inviting? As I walked, the leaves rustled. A soft whisper floated in the wind.


I must be imagining things.


Oh, my God. I did hear something.

“Who’s that?” I said out loud. I shivered. The sky had begun to darken as if a storm was brewing. And just a moment ago, it was so bright.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


I didn’t know to react. The fear was there but it was not mortal irrational fear.


“I can’t even see you. How can I follow you?” I said in despair.


I closed my eyes. It took me a moment but soon I saw hundreds of small lights that moving around me.

“I can see you,” I said amazed at the sight.


The lights came together and moved forward. I followed it with my eyes still shut. I didn’t trip nor fall. The light knew exactly where it was going. Finally it stopped.


I opened my eyes. In front of me was a blank tombstone over an empty grave. It was the silver chain laid on the tombstone and at the end of it, a crystal white pendant hung loosely, and sparkling.


I took the pendant and fingered the white crystal. It felt new and yet it bore the memories of a time before the beginning. I fastened the chain around my own neck.


Almost instantly, a flash of white light flashed. I fell back but I didn’t hit the ground. I fell into the abyss of my own shadow. I fell into my dark memories. Once again, the light flashed and I felt a soft hand on my neck circling around my pendant.

Even before I regained consciousness, my left hand reached out grabbing the intruder tightly by the throat. The person yelped and I opened my eyes. It was a woman and she was terrified. Quickly, I released her and got to my feet. The dark sky was gone and it was day again. Everything looked normal and the air was silent once more.

“Who are you?” I asked.

The woman rubbed her neck.

“I-I’m Kay. Kay Thornton. I found you on the ground and I wanted to check your pulse if you were ok. Are you ok?” the woman said.

“I’m ok,” I said studying her. She looked harmless. But then again, she was touching my pendant, not my pulse. “Thank you, Kay, for your concern but I need to go now.”

“Wait, do you need me to call a doctor?” Kay Thornton stopped me from walking away.

“No, Kay,” I said. “I told you I’m fine.”

“At least, let me arrange for you to have a check-up. I work at a nearby clinic,” Kay insisted.

“No, thank you,” I was starting get annoyed. “What are you doing in this graveyard, Kay?” She looked so innocent, and yet…

“I’m just here to visit my mother and leave some flowers,” Kay pointed to a distant tombstone where on the ground laid some fresh flowers. “She died two years ago. Today was her birthday.”

“Oh,” I felt almost sorry for her plight but not so much. “I have to go. See you around”

“Wait! Are you sure you don’t want to visit the doctor? I can get you in at no charge,” Kay tried again.

“I said no,” She was too persistent. I started to walk away.

“I want it,” Kay said her tone suddenly cold.

“Want what?” Though I knew.

“I want the pendant, Sarah. You knew that,” Kay said.

“You are out of your mind,” I said just as cold. “It belongs to me. But please, do try to get it.”

She slapped me. Hard. But I hardly felt any pain. I slapped her back, harder than she slapped me and she was thrown off her feet. She landed on her side and winced in pain. She hadn’t realized with whom she was dealing with. Now that I know who and what I am, there was no telling what I could do.

She rushed at me and tried to kick me in the face but I dodged and she kicked plain air. I hit her squarely on her stomach and she doubled up in pain. I grabbed her hair and pushed her to her knees.

She struggled but her strength was only a fraction of mine. In her eyes, I could tell that she was starting to understand how powerless she was. The punishment would not be pleasant for those who went against me. I twisted her head back slowly. She screamed at the pain. Finally the bones in her neck gave a resounding crack before her body lay limp in my hands. I let her go and she fell to the ground. The empty grave must have been for her, I thought as I pushed her in. I walked out of the cemetery whistling an ancient tune. Above my head, birds flocked as my tune captured their attention. They began to form a shape to shade me from the hot sun.

The mystery was solved. I knew who I was and what I have to do. Nobody would dare to disobey me. Nobody would dare to even be me. There could only be one me and when I am done restoring His work of art, I would return to my rightful place in the sky. There and then Earth would finally become a masterpiece, the way it was always intended to be. After that my job would be to watch over it and protect it from demons like Kay.

After all, I am the right hand of God. If I don’t look after His creations, who else would?

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