Stefanie Haertel

Things are never as good as through children’s eyes

My days seem senseless
No joy or games to play.
Everything is serious,
Too serious to life.
I’m only working
I thing I lost my life.
News are sad today,
Nothing new.
Everybody is rushing to work,
No one notices the sunshine,
The flowers at the pavement
Or the shiny smile of a cute baby.
Are we really living?
And I’m asking myself
Where has all the magic gone,
Which used to be in my world,
Which used to fill my heart with light.
Is it really gone
Or are we just to blind to see?
Shouldn’t we see things
Like through children’s eyes?
When I was a child,
Everthing seemed beautiful
And full of joy.
Shouldn’t we keep a bit of the magic,
What we used to have when we were children,
In our lives.
Shouldn’t we be glad, to hear the birds singing in the morning,
Or to see that someone cares for you.
There’s more to live in life then work.
Natural as the way we were born,
We need something to make us live.
Stefanie Haertel

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Publicado en el 22.09.2007.


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