Gerhard Kemme

Bella and Bellaball

Some young women had called their association "dancers of the universe". Every week they had a meeting two hundred yards over the surface of their space station. "Today we meet ourselves again for dancing without gravitation" The women had said goodbye from their husbands and friends and also they had abandoned their domestic duties. Walkers on this artificial planet with the name "rotation number five" looked from the surface of the space station upward to a ring athletes, who were playing a ball game. Bella, a leading female social worker, came today with her fighting dog, who had had the name Bellaball. It was still in the training as the "Stratosphere dog". Bellaball was in the middle of the circle. He chased the ball. Bella and her girlfriends played the leather ball across from one side to another. It was a test, in which the dog's ability under conditions of weightlessness had to prove. Someone played the ball to Bella however Bellaball was faster. He jumped like a football goalkeeper after the ball. Last point. Bellaball had existed this test. Through the covering from lather of the space station beams of the sun penetrated warm and brightly. Slowly the space station circled and produced so artificially the gravity for all organisms on the inside. One could float in weightlessness by fast going against the direction of rotation, then didn't centrifugal force press the legs on soil. All external areas of the space station were with oxygen foam covered. These bubbles of oxygen foam made it possible to walk on the bottom of the space station without oxygen-masks using.
Bella and dog waited in air until the church tower under them their position had reached. By the opened church window Bella and Bellaball floated into the interior of the church and sat down on the last bank. A video, "Kelly, the bandit", was shown on the monitor, which stand on the altar. This parish liked such types of comics. Suddenly Kelly was there. He stood in the middle of the church between the parish and had brought a small organ. His gang occupied the place of worship. One companion placed himself before the exit and blocked the door. Bella twisted her eyes and asked the gang, wheather their documents of identification were in order? Bellaball drank water and Kelly drank the wine. The bell rang and the parish priest spoke the prayer. "Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen." Stella, a bulldog with examination on high level, was pulling at a tree, which had been clamped between the bell tower of the church. Bellaball was running against the direction of rotation and was lifting from ground. He moved the tree trunk to the place of recycling. Bella, a female social worker, wanted to send her superior a report about the incident with Kelly. But her display of the mobil phone flashed only: No message possible! The club "easy enemy" from the twenty-seventh region of space had all space-stations blocked with spam mails. Then Bella had registered that the club "easy enemy" also had  occupied all radio frequencies. Some technicians were suggesting that Bella should send signals with her lamp.
In the restaurant "Great Orient" a slim hemp farmer was  breathing shaped clouds from his water pipe, in order to copy the gestures of other guests. His thin arm pulled Bella behind the red curtain: When do you go to the acceleration squadron? Tomorrow. Then three years on high speed and with the robot cruiser through the hyper space. My order is, I shall inspect the galactic outstation. Next day Bella with its dog was again on journeys. Bellaball became acquainted with the on-board dog. Both dogs were running in the park of the spaceship. Geometry of the space called the teacher its efforts around the mental condition of Bella. In the universe there exist space and time always together. Humans used now the universe without gravitation. They forgot their two-dimensional nature on the surface of the planet earth. Bella and Bellaball as biological natures would travel through the high-speed area and return after their visit on the space-station. "Mr. teacher, You get a kiss!" 
The meeting with a tenth of the speed of light was difficult and only possible with a good navigator. A picture of the galaxy was floating in the office for navigation. The astronauts were singing the song "Over space and time by the eternity". Like the  paratrooper the crew of the space ship shouted loudly "Go! Go! Go!". The leader, a blond, slim young woman, she stroked with her arm over the heads of the team and warned all with this gesture of peace. There was it! The space cruiser with the robots lay hidden in a channel of the gravitation. Woman and dog climbed into the space cruiser. The robots had used an old computer program and dressed up themselves with cap and scarf. Only Bellaball sat up a red toque on his head. All pressed themselves in the deep armchair and the robots switched themselves as modules into the equipments. Acceleration increased tenfold the weight of the passengers. "enemy ­10 clock, 0 degrees!". The robot, who was responsible for observation alarmed the humans acoustically. Clouds of fine-material pushed themselves from left near. The helmsman turned the steering wheel from left to right and up and down. He tried to evade the attacks with fast jumps. Discussion over the enemy: "You can meet the enemy only in the area above the speed of light. This opponent works with nets consisted of spatial clouds. Every net consists of micromechanical parts and is steering along of lines. This opponent reacts to linings and tries the identity of the opponent to learn." Bellaball slipped into a feathered collar for dogs and shoved an apple in its muzzle. The hostile clouds gave up its aggression: The passage was free.
Short time later they reached some large platforms, with the names "experiment number one", "experiment number two" and so on. This section of the galaxy was filled with information. Large pipelines transported huge quantities of small micro-particles in the vacuum of space. The workers were calling the small microparticles "mud". Again and again came on the radio instruction "Give more mud into the turbulences!" In this way, lumps with higher storage capacities has been created. And as with a puzzle the "mud" has been composed by the own creature up to an intelligent person. "He can make gold, but he doesn't do it." It sucks fine dust and water with a lot of energy and produces blocks from granite. A fire ball similar to the sun produced oblong stones, which formed the words "Bella and Bellaball". Bella came out with  astonishment: "Oh!" Also on the other side of the platforms the artificial suns lighted the space. Mixtures and metals were led by enormous pipelines into the artificial suns. If it were too hot, some tractors pulled the platforms on larger distance. Sometimes these artificial "stars" could not tolerate the mixtures and then they reacted with shock waves. Bellaball barked without end. The living condition at that time had been more badly than on "rotation five", their previous dwelling. On the platform "experiment number eight", there was no gravity. Both only were able to move with body twisting. Bellaball wanted to play football again and Bella had longing after her girlfriends in the sport club. The platforms were polychrome painted, but it was very unpleasant, if they were sometimes bitterly coldly and then again dreadfully hot. So the residents lost the desire to stay on the platfrms and they looked around to escape. An engineer called for them to participate in his test series. You will not believe that there is a laboratory for the development of invisible clothes. There were display foils, which was exactly adapted to the shape of humans and animals. Small cameras filmed the constant background of the people and formed it on the front screen. After many samples and changes of the software the project became ready: Both were invisible. ­Bellaball made itself a fun to lurk in the middle of the room on a worker. If somebody fell over the invisible dog, a laughter went through the section. When both sat together, Bella shouted to her dog: "Hey, there the robot cruiser is again before anchors. They have the entrance door set on automatic. Bellaball, we disappear!" Both crossed the distance to the spaceship with fast movements. Bella switched briefly to visibility and the door opened at once as the beam saw her.
It was the space cruiser, from the outward journey. After several hours, the crew launched the space shuttle. Acceleration without end. The ­rockets of the spaceship gave acceleration and the interior was illuminated. Bella searched the cargo hold and discovered there tubes with food and cans with water. The robots recognize the passengers of the outward journey. Beautifully like a jewel, the earth was under them. Somewhere in the proximity of the river Elbe they jumped off with parachutes.
The area was forested. Suddenly she discovered a small monument in that park. "Here is been reminded of resistance by women." Bella stretched the concentrated fist upward. Behind them another dog bell­te energetically and the owners of the forest invited them to visit the forestry house. With the dog of the new acquaintance, a Terrier named Wo­tan, Bellaball tolerated it surprisingly good. The yard was like a football field. Suddenly they stood before the door: Men of the MfW. In the small place at the river the "Ministry for work" had searched for unemployed persons. Gradually larger domestic animals also were checked. One day a bus with a high mast on its roof stood in front of the estate, where Bella relaxed. The passengers in the ­buss did not trust their eyes. Behind the fence in the yard Bellaball played with the dog of the house owner. Bella sat on the couch and looked talkshows. She asked, if now a vocational guidance should take place. "We also need you", answered the employee of the MfW, while ­Bellaball looked on a fly, which sat on one sock of the employee. "Should I like in the last few years work as a social worker on the edge of the universe?" After input of all data into the data fields of the computer the result was certain. "Bellaball has experience as a space dog. This should be completed through a training as a rescue dog. So that you could possibly take over the free job in the interplanetary team of rescue dogs. You will be there the representative of the leader." Work with the dogs and new interesting people become acquainted with. Why shouldn't she accept this job? Now Bella had to take parting from their loved sofa. The exercise area for the dogs looked, as if moles would have landed there: All full holes and tunnels. The training of the group was in the best way organized as training in stations. In a large circle one saw the teams with the training. First they put on the suits for space. On the head were camera with headlight. Then Bella saw the director of the group coming in a hurry: "Bella, we have alarm! Large alarm!" "Then let us times into course come", answered Bella cool. The dog training ground looked as if moles had dug it. The training of the rescue-squadron was training on several stations. In a large circle the leaders of the dogs worked with the animals. First, the dogs pulled over the suits for space. On the head camera with headlight were fastened. Then Bella saw the director of the rescue-squadron. He came over in a hurry and called: "Bella, we have alarm! Large alarm!" "Then let's go", Bella answered cool. The disaster on the moon had been caused by a large object. Many human settlements on the moon had been damaged. The group with the rescue-dogs got their order for the task and should travel to the moon. The team boss had been freshly operated and he apologized that he could not travel. All looked on Bella. "Please, pick up your luggage. We are fetched and fly to the moon! Still questions? None!" The space shuttle was fully booked. The dogs sat in the hated cages and watched as the baggage was loaded. Even a small airplane for the chief was drawn into the space shuttle. Departure and flight were without problems. But on the moon things didn't look good. Fortunately there wasn't oxygen deficiency. Everywhere one saw mountains from oxygen lather. The blisters contained enormous volumes with breathing air. The airport was remain undamaged. The groups with the rescue dogs slowly went in silvery clothes into the area, where the disaster had occurred. They opted for a very far apart towed spread out of the groups. Only the shadows of the next people were visible. Only the shadows of the next people were visible. The dogs looked for survivors with far jumps, during the leaders of the dogs regarded everything on the monitors. If Bellaball penetrated into a range with breathing air, it was barking loudly. One year ago, during the flight with the spaceship, he was become friend of the commodore. "Bellaball, listen! Bellaball, look!" Every little thing was important for a rescue dog. Still came a thought, that came only rarely into its brain. "Bellaball, attention. You are in danger. You may not obey your order now. Run to the risk and defeat it!" Somebody sounded into the thoughts of the dog. Bellaball was stopping running and was looking around. Everything in it strove to a hill, which stood against the horizon. Then Bellaball made some enormous jumps. And Bella cried in the radio set: "Bellaball is running away! Why Bellaball is disappearing?" From the hill Bellaballs searchlight slowly groped along through the fissured area. All could hear over radio Bellas surprise: The entire soil was fulfilled with lives. Only Bella knew this species: The enemy of the previous space flight. These tiny organisms constantly formed new figures from many parts. So their form changed without end. They had had an accident with their spaceship and now they were in the process to organize itself again. Theoretically Bella knew that such monsters needed raw materials of humans. An attack of this enemy could take place in the next hour. Bellaball had already long taken over the guidance, while Bella still hesitated. Bellaball ran the slope down at full speed and attacked each monster. Bella alarmed and instructed her squadron to start an attack. It was work without end: Fixing and tear up. By inhabitants of the moon it succeeded to separate all enemies and fill them into containers. Bellas rescue-squadron finished its task and landed a few days later again on earth. The chronicler would terminate the report now.
But the Ministry for work had heard about Bellas knowledge and skills. So the MfW wanted to use her work for the next deployment. Researchers for extraterrestrial life succeeded in communicating with the enemy. These species were allowed to form some figures, which were similar to humans. Almost normal discussions were possible. A dream of mankind became true. Someone should fly with the extraterrestrial to visit their planets and give a report after journey. The report of the millennium! No humans dared it. Only Bella finally declared itself ready. The extraterrestrial formed an artificial dog as a playmate for Bellaball. When Bellaball shot its first ball with its head against the extraterrestrial goal keeper, friendship had been closed. Quick the ball was transformed in a suit-case for Bella, into which she could pack up the regulations for the enterprise "Distance World". Three months lasted their preparations. The aim of the journey was the homeland of the extraterrestrial visitors. Their data corresponded to the realizations of the astronomers. The destination was a black hole, which was situated between three stars. The black hole with enormous energy pulled every stone and beam of light. This world was to be achieved ten light-years far away and only by a jump by space with velocity of light. Briefly said, biological organisms could not bear these loads. "Everything clearly, otherwise still which? I shall transform mine spirit and my feeling into a robot program?", Bella answered annoying. A team of the ministry for work had explained the new project to her. "As you say, it is only the half truth. You and Bellaball will be able to remain in your old biological body here on earth and with the other half of their thoughts you will be inside of the robots. With these robots you will fly to the homeland of the strange creatures." It was, as if the left hand would say "Good day" to the right hand. Slowly their environment changed and extended by thinking like a machine. After one month everyone saw woman and dog with the robots Bella-Two and Bellaball-Two. The robots were similar to Bella and Bellaball in typical idioms and movements of their models. Then woman and dog said their twins bye. Both climbed as robots as well as the extraterrestrial creatures on board of the spaceship. The connection by thinking between Bella and its colleague on board tore not off after the start. The jump through the space was successful and the spaceship arrived in the suction of the black hole. Before Bella-Two the homeland of the extraterrestrial creatures reached, she reported by telepathy: "I see many spaceships, which constantly changed their form in the suction of the gravitation. First they break through the speed of light as slim spacecruiser, then they became faster and faster, until the center was reached and the gravitation changed now the movement up to the stop of the spaceships. Then again acceleration. Probably since long time a constant oscillation of the extraterrestrial in the river of the gravitation. Several months the biological Bella reported her detected impressions into the phones. Bellaball behaved again and again, as if it would be dog in a spaceship of the extraterrestrial creatures. Suddenly fled both and new friends hid Bella and Bellaball in a hut in the forest. The curious reporters did not know where the place where they were hidden. When the twins returned to earth after years and when the robots brought along photos of the oscillating world of the extraterrestrial creatures, woman and dog were only very little interested in it.


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Publicado en el 28.01.2008.


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