Nikhil Sukumaran


They walked with grace and pride.
But they were tender in gait
walking downhill with an ancient vase carrying water .
long hair and silver anklets
yellow blouse and yellow skirt,
she walked without glancing up,
she was scared of the forest floor
whatever wriggled in the mud?
It was a strange place with a strange scent
of the past, like time has come to a standstill.
And has forgotten to dream about future.
She had a unique maturity in her eyes
which screamed out the pain.
Her mouth never had a full smile. 
Yet she looked her best and felt devine.
She felt she belonged to the forest
more than to the plains.
She loved to talk with her talkative friends
inspite of their differences.
The moon was full and the creatures
were waiting to take their forms
and she hurried towards her home
like the dusty wind  ,which carried fear.
She moved on top of the tallest tree
and  sat on its highest branch watering the tree
She smiled along with her companions
thinking how long long ago they too once drank the river water . 


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Nikhil Sukumaran.
Publicado en el 19.10.2008.


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