Jeff Mount

Seven minutes in the closet

George was nervous. He had never played ’seven minutes in heaven’ before. He knew what it was. You got to do whatever you wanted with the other person in a dark closet for exactly seven minutes.

He was to go in there with Angie. He didn’t know much about her but she was better than average looking for a freshman. He had seen her around the hallways at school and had thought about her before.

She didn’t seem as nervous, as she smiled, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the large pitch black closet. The door clicked shut and all was silent except for the muffled hoots and hollers of the party-goers on the other side of the door.

Angie giggled and grabbed both of George’s sweaty hands, then pulled him closer so that their bodies were touching. He could feel himself growing against her abdomen and he began to kiss her.

The kiss was fine at first. Her lips were soft and their tongues danced about playfully; teasing each other. Then, she bit his tongue. Hard.

“Ow, what the fuck?” George grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away, then touched his fingertips to his tongue and felt blood gushing out. She had ripped his tongue open with her teeth.

Angie giggled again. Louder this time. “Sorry about that cowboy, I just can’t help myself sometimes. It just tastes so good!”

“Crazy fucking bitch!” George reached for the door but Angie’s hand grabbed his arm and twisted it back her direction. Her grip was more powerful than George could have ever conceived. In one swift motion, she kicked his legs out from under him and pinned him to the ground with her hands and knees.

Blood continued to pour from the fresh wound. George felt it trickling down his face and he began to gag  as it bubbled in his throat. Angie greedily slurped up the blood from his mouth and face then took a large bite out of his cheek and chewed ravenously on his flesh; giggling and slurping.

George screamed in terror at the top of his lungs. Blood splattered out of his ravaged mouth as the scream escaped it. He thrashed about, managed to get a leg free and kneed Angie in the side. She rocked to one side of his body so that his arm was free and he punched her in the chin with all the strength he could muster. She yelped and retreated towards the back of the closet.

George jumped up, bewildered, and grabbed the handle of the door. He twisted the handle and pushed, but was met with resistance. The party-goers were holding the door shut. 

Someone whooped with laughter. “Aw shit, someone is tryin’ to get out before their time is up! You got about 4 minutes left there, lovey-birds!”

Several people were laughing wildly now.

“Let me the fuck out of here this bitch is crazy she’s gonna kill me!” George yelled as loud as he could.

“Pussy!” Someone teased from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, nut up Georgy-boy! Whattaya a homo?!”

More laughter. George panicked and backed up a step with the intent of slamming the door open by forcefully kicking it. When he backed up he felt two cold hands grip his shoulders. Angie giggled and bit into his left shoulder, tearing away a large chunk of skin and ligaments. He could hear a disgusting tearing noise as the flesh was separating from his body. His eyes bugged open with shock and his body began to convulse violently. He kicked at the door as hard as he could but it didn’t budge.

“Whoa, nelly! George is totally pussin’ out!” Someone shrieked with glee. “Help me keep him in there!”

George twisted away from Angie’s grip and heaved his body towards the closet door with every ounce of his waning strength he could draw upon. It was no use; there had to be at least three people on the other side helping to keep the door shut. He slumped to the floor and put a hand over his shoulder to try and slow the bleeding. Angie grabbed his leg and bit hard into George’s Achilles heel. He heard a crunch and felt something snap, followed by the most excruciating pain he had ever experienced. He let out a high pitched scream.

Someone opened the door and George looked up. Adam Randall was there looking down at him. Adam had his mouth open and he looked frozen. George tried to stand but the pain was too severe. He started crawling away from the closet towards the front door.

“Keep that fucking bitch away from me!” George pleaded as he scurried hopefully towards the exit.

“Don’t let him get away!” George heard Adam yell behind him. He wondered why he would say that. Several people approached George and grabbed him, then held him in place.

“Someone call the cops. Holy shit!” Someone else said.

“She was gonna kill me!” George said. Nobody seemed to hear what he said so he said it again.

“I outta kill you myself motherfucker!” Adam said angrily as he approached George.

“What?” George was astonished. Did they not see what she had done to him? “Look at me! Look at what she did to me!”

But, then George noticed that his mouth was fine. He moved his foot. That felt ok too. Somehow his wounds had healed and there was no evidence they had ever been there.

“What the hell?” He said, confused.

Adam grabbed George off the floor and brought him over towards the closet. “That’s what the hell! What did you do?” Adam asked angrily.

George looked in the closet. Angie lay in a pool of her own blood. Her cheek was ripped out and a big chunk of her shoulder was missing, along with a giant gash just above her ankle. There was so much blood. It covered the floor in the closet and was spilling out into the room.

Angie slowly opened her eyes and turned her head toward George.

“You owe me 3 minutes.” She said, then giggled. Blood sprayed out of the hole in her cheek as the party-goers eased George back into the dark closet.



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