NIladri lahiri

Unforgetfull Love

Chapter 1
I was fed of all sorts of launch parties, but still Anirban had insisted me to attend. He also mentioned to me that there would be some surprise in store for me. Anirban, who was my childhood friend right from a playschool to completing our media degree together. We were also lucky to get selected from our campus for the same Ad Company.
Anirban always had dreamt of setting up his own advertisement firm, he always had a vision of both of us working together and be extremely successful and on the Top 5 list. He thought I was his lucky mascot. Unfortunately I was a kind of guy who always knew that 9-5pm job was perfect as it was quite a hassle to run your own company or you can say I always freaked out whenever I thought about owning a business. After two years of struggle Anirban along with Lopa (his wife) made his dream come true by starting his own advertisement agency and named it “SPLITZ”. Anirban met Lopa at our previous organization and the day he saw her, he knew that she was the one. Lopa was one of my creative team members.  Anirban dated Lopa around six months after which they got married and are happy together.

The dress code at this launch party was formal, I usually hate going to these formal parties, I know I have to keep a fake smile and make sure my glass is always half full. Anyways I manage to cut through the weekend traffic and reached the famous Banquet of Mumbai,”
Anirban was more creative and adventures than me. He always needed a bigger place to show his talents, so whenever there was a launch instead of a 5 star hotel, he would book a big private banquet hall. He would make sure that everything from decoration to food was perfect.
I parked my car and took a bouquet for the couple. My choice of flowers never suited them, but today I took orchids which lopa loves the most.
Lopa was standing at the entrance, I presented her the bouquet of flowers, and she hugged me and said

“Ujjan, you are supposed to come early and help us, nowadays you behave more of a guest than a friend”. I just looked away and gave an apologetic smile. Lopa was loud enough for people to give me that glare, she immediately realized and with a warm smile welcomed me and showed me to the banquet hall. As soon as I entered I could see all big personalities dancing and drinking. I waved to all my office colleagues ,they were all set for the party.My ex boss Mr Sharma was surrounded by all up coming models. He behaved as if he was judging these models for some talent hunt competition.
 Everyone was in formals and was wearing Ritu Kumar and Satya Paul sarees, Armanis, Gucci etc. Luckily I picked up a Versace while I was in

London last week.
All of a sudden I could hear a loud voice with all possible profanities, I was sure it was Anirban. I quickly moved towards him before he could approach me.
“Son of a bitch, how come you are so early, party is yet to begin”. There was an apologetic smile on my face. I hugged him and congratulated for yet another success. He went away quickly as he had to greet other guests too.

Loud music was blasting all over and Mr Sharma had already started dancing with the models, sometimes I feel pity for him as his wife was flirting with the male models. I guess Tit for Tat proverb suits them best. I moved towards the bar and asked for a drink and lighted a smoke. My eyes were searching for some known faces but suddenly I saw a face with the same glow that I had seen few years back. My heart almost skipped a beat. “No it can’t be her; I don’t want that face to be her”
Was Anirban talking about this surprise? I finished my drink quickly and headed towards the opposite direction. Lopa caught me with a pale face and got worried and asked
“Ujjan are you alright, you look very sick, Is everything alright? “
I was short of words; actually I was not able to speak. I don’t know if I was angry or scared. I quickly told her, “It’s just that I am tired and need some fresh air”

She asked a waiter to give me a glass of cold water and guided me towards the balcony. I wanted to ask her if she or Anirban had invited her. I was hesitant to ask lopa at that time.
“Lopa I will be back in ten minutes, don’t worry I will be fine, you please go inside, it’s your day today “
I started thinking about that face again. The cold breeze blew on my face and felt relaxed. I saw a chair and made myself comfortable there and lighted one more smoke. After sometime I could hear some footsteps walking towards me, I could sense that I knew this person coming towards me. I started sweating and I wanted to run away as fast as could but my legs were not moving at all “Please God, it cant be her “.
Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“How are you Ujjan?”

I turned my head, Oh my God; the same beutiful eyes and the same glow on her face still mesmerizing me. She looked the same as I saw her first time in my office. I didn’t know how to react, I was sweating very badly. The girl who I couldn’t forget all these years is standing right behind me. I could only say
“Rhea you!!!”




Chapter 2
Rhea banerjee a beautiful, hot, sexy, adventuours and glamourous. She always wanted to fly high. I just can’t stop talking about her. Wherever she goes she would cast a spell on everybody. Guys made extra efforts just to be with her and she loved the attention she would get from guys. She was always proud about her beauty and never stopped praising about herself. The best thing about her was the glow in her face, which used to make people attract towards her. People could approach her very easily as she loved gifts and chocolates, But she would target only certain kind of people who would help her to fly. Girls around her would never understand that why everyone is so focused about her.

Rhea was from a middle class family and right from her childhood she used to dream about glamour, money and posh cars. One thing she was sure of that her beauty will help her get all the things she has desired in life. She had two brothers who would always be protective about her, she mingled with all rich guys and that’s the reason they were very concerned about her. They didn’t know that she was very intelligent and didn’t let anybody take advantage of her anytime. She knew that to get a glamorous life she needs to enter media so she decided to do her bachelors in mass media.
It was her last year in college when her mom suffered a major heart attack, she could not recover properly as she was tensed about Rhea’s future. She insisted Rhea to get married as soon as possible.
Rhea was not ready at all as she knew all dreams would get shattered if she gets married, but she had no choice as all her family members and relatives forced to her to agree to her mother’s wish.

Fortunately their close family friend the Chatterjees were looking for a girl, they wanted an early marriage. Their son Sujoy was working with the Indian Army and posted in

Jammu and Kashmir. They want him to get married before he could join back. Sujoy was a very handsome and only son of the Chatterjees who were one of the richest families in the cities. In two months time Rhea got married and they had to leave for

Srinagar where Sujoy was posted. She started living there as a house wife and did all the things which she had never dreamt off.












Chapter 3
After completing my bachelors in media, I joined an Advertisement firm “AD Dreams”. It was from campus recruitment. I and Anirban were the only guys selected from our college. We were vey excited to be associated with an international firm as our first assignment. I as a person was totally contrast to Anirban. I wanted to lead a simple life, tension free and be away from complication. However Anirban took risk all throughout his life which made him stronger and outrageous. He was never afraid of taking new challenges. I was only passionate about one thing “Girls”. Anirban always said that I could do magic with my words and any girl could fall for me with that quality.

Life was fun those days launch parties, discos, outings every weekend. I never thought after few years my life will make a complete turn. After One year or so I got promoted to head the creative team and Anirban was given the charge of handling the firm. Anirban dated a girl name lopa who was from my creative team and in six months time they got married. Lopa always helped me to introduce to all the girls and she always wanted me to settle down. But I never took anyone seriously just dated .Lopa used to hate my policy of life.
“I will not approach anybody till I really fall in love and untill that i will wait for all the girls to approach me, I made sure that they do it by my magic words.”
One day as usual I was in my cabin checking through some models portfolios to select for our next campaign, Lopa enterned and told me that she has a new member in our team which Anirban had selected. I was surprised how come I was not informed about a new candidate for my team. How could he do this without asking my permission? Lopa asked me if she can send the girl as she had already joined. I didn’t know what to say,

“Please send her after ten fifteen minutes, I want to talk to anirban before I meet her “
After lopa went I quickly called Anirban
“Ani, How on earth you select a girl for my team without even informing me “
“ You moron ,you only told me last week when you were leaving for dubai that Pallavi has resigned and you need a replacement. You dumb how can you forget begging me for conducting the interview and I left all my work for your interviews. I found the girl best than all other candidates. So please don’t dare accuse

me.” he replied
I said “hmm  ... why are you shouting? You can tell this nicely also. This is how you speak to your wife.”

He replied “You are not my wife Mr Ujjan. Now can I concentrate on my work? You are worried about a girl who has just joined today and I have to worry for all the employees working in the firm, so please keep the damn phone down.”
I could actually hear the bang of the receiver. Right from childhood Anirban used to behave like this with me. He used harsh words only against me, but he also loved me as a younger brother and was very protective for me. So I never felt hurt when he behaved like this with me.
I started thinking about pallavi; will this new girl give the same kind of creativity what pallavi was capable of? I hated pallavi’s decision of leaving the firm to get married and settle down in abroad. How can a girl leave a good position in a No 1 international advertisement firm to just to get married and take care of children? She was wasting all her talents in the fire of marriage. A knock on the door broke my thoughts.
“Hi I am Rhea Banerjee, I have joined your team today and Lopa asked me to meet you.”

I was really not interested in the new girl as I had pallavi on my mind and tried to focus more on the portfolios. After few minutes she asked
“Can I sit or if you are busy I will come after sometime”
That’s when I realized I am being impolite to a girl. I quickly kept all the files on the other side and I looked up at her.
You will not believe there was a different shine on her face, a glow that did not allow me to look at her. I couldn’t stop myself trying also. I just told her “please excuse me I was just a little busy searching for a model, please be seated and you said your name was?”
She smiled and replied “Rhea Banernee”. Perfect face cut, beautiful shape of the lips, fair and her face was glowing all over. Her spell had already started working on me. I couldn’t stop myself “Am really sorry Rhea but I have to say this, you are very beautiful.” And for next few minutes she was just smiling and I was totally mesmerized by her looks and personality. My heart was beating very fast and I was sweating, I just can’t explain what I was going thru... My heart just said “She is the one “.
















Chapter 4
As days passed, I didn’t miss a single opportunity to talk to her, I always wanted her beside me all the time. I gave her all important part of the assignments which I was handling so that I can spend more time with her. She was perfect in her work. All the people in the office also noticed her. Once I entered office with her, I couldn’t believe all the guys actually wished her good morning. She smiled all the way as if she deserved this respect. Whenever I saw her busy with some other guys I would request her to do some of my work so that she could only concentrate on me and my work. I always thought I should take the first step in asking her out. I was waiting for the right opportunity to come.
One day I saw Rhea engrossed in her work and didn’t even meet me once for the whole day, I was getting very irritated by this. So I decide to call her to my cabin.
“Rhea are you alright, you look very tired and low”

She replied “I have to complete this assignment by end of the day, so I have to work till late. Nobody will be there in office by the time I leave, so I am little worried about working late in the office”
I was thrilled from within, God has given me a golden opportunity today, and I cannot loose this. So the day has finally come to tell her how I feel.
“Rhea I am also working late today, I have to prepare a presentation for tomorrow’s client meeting, if you don’t mind we can have dinner together and I will drop you home in my car”
Oh my god, I think I rushed into it. Was dinner necessary? Anirban was right I am a moron, now she will reject my offer. To my surprise she replied “

Ujjain you are a savior, I am famished and I would really appreciate if you could drop me home. So will let you know when I am done, and thanks once again“.

Wow I can really play magic with my words, today is the day and you are my girl. We left office by 9pm and I asked where she would like to go. She said “Anywhere which plays good music.” I decide to take her to “SPICES” where they play good music and food is also fabulous. As soon she stepped into my car I sensed a fresh aroma in the air and it was pulling me towards her. I use to love watching her smile, so as usual instead of driving I was only looking at her.

Ujjain can I ask you something? Why is that whenever I am with you or talk to you, you seem to be enjoying something, I mean you look at me differently “
Oh my god she caught me, Was my tongue out like a hungry dog!!!!
I replied “Rhea its nothing like that, I just enjoy your smile, I cannot resist myself looking at the glow on your face, please don’t misunderstand me, you are really gorgeous.”

She smiled again and her eyes expressed that she was waiting for me to say this. After dinner I dropped her home .While returning back home I was just thinking about the time we spent together, I never had this feeling all my life, I couldn’t believe I was falling for her. I decided I need Rhea in my life. After that evening it gave me more confidence to approach Rhea to meet for coffee and she agreed. We started going out for coffee almost everyday and then would drop her back home. We had become close friends and started sharing many things, though she never mentioned anything related to her past. I was never bothered though, I just wanted her to smile and I used to shower her with gifts and flowers. She loved the gifts. For this smile I could do anything for her, I can even give my life for her smile.
As any other day, after office we went to the coffee shop. She was quiet today. I was really concerned for her and asked her if everything was fine. Did anyone tell her anything? She replied “Ujjan you have become very close to me but I have hidden few things about my life from you, I feel today I should tell you everything”
She has a boyfriend, is she engaged my luck has never supported me. Please god I don’t want to loose her, I had waited for this girl all my life.

But Instead like any another guy I told her “Hey Rhea its okay, if you are not comfortable speaking about it don’t say it. I am your friend and I totally understand your feelings”
She replied “No ujjan for the last one week I was thinking about this and I have decided to tell you everything, it is very important for you to know “
I wanted to avoid this but I had no choice “Go ahead Rhea I am listening”
She continued “Ujjan I am married and I have a six months old daughter “. I started laughing “Hey stop joking Rhea, tell me it’s not true “.
I saw her tears rolling out of her beautiful eyes, her face had already turned pale and it was understood that it wasn’t a lie; I was not ready to believe this. My dream shattered, I could actually hear the sound of a breaking glass. I didn’t want her to see my reaction. With great difficulty I replied “Its alright, if you are married as we are just good friends and we are not doing anything wrong, please don’t cry “.We were just sitting quietly for next hour. After I dropped her home I couldn’t concentrate and could not drive any further so I parked my car at the shoulders of the highway, I lighted my smoke and I could not see or hear any anything apart from “Ujjan I am married and I have a six months old daughter “.All this while I was thinking about a girl who is already married , I didn’t know where to go ,No I cannot go to anirban he will start laughing at me, I can’t afford to be a laughing stock. I just stood there and kept thinking………



Chapter 5
Rhea told me the entire story that after getting married Rhea started living a house wife’s life with Sujoy. Sujoy always maintained a disciplined life like any other army officer and he forced Rhea to lead the life like him. His life was totally dependable on time like getting up early, going for a run, eating his breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific time. Rhea could never imagine this kind of life for herself and she could not go out of the army base as it was in a sensitive area. She felt like a bird stuck in a cage. She could see her wings were taken by Sujoy and her family. She wanted Sujoy to lead like a normal human being but Sujoy never changed, one cannot expect an army officer to concentrate on his wife rather than his country. Everyday they use to fight with small issues, one major issue was their sexual relationship, and Rhea was never comfortable with Sujoy. To avoid Sujoy in the night she would either pretend not to be well or most of time she would sleep in the living room watching TV. Sujoy was getting frustrated day by day; he decided to take Rhea for a checkup. He convinced Rhea that it’s a regular check which is mandatory for Army’s family. Actually Sujoy wanted to know why Rhea is was not comfortable with him. He knew that Rhea didn’t want to get pregnant soon after the marriage but this cant be a reason to avoid him. After Few days Doctors told him that Rhea has a cyst in her vaginal cord, which can be very painful during sexual intercourse and because of the cyst she can never be pregnant. Sujoy convinced Rhea to start the treatment; he told her that if she is not cured with the medicines then she needs to undergo a surgery. Somehow Rhea agreed for the first time with Sujoy and for next two three months she went through the treatment. She responded very well to the medicines and cyst was gone. One evening Sujay entered the house and hugged Rhea, he presented Rhea with flowers and red wine. Rhea was surprised to see Sujoy behaving like this; she had never seen sujoy being so roman! tic. But she understood sujoys intention. She tried all her level best to avoid it, but he would not take no for an answer, he had waited for long for this day. Whole night Rhea begged, cried and shouted but Sujoy behaved like a wild animal .He had only one intention and would not listen to any of Rhea’s excuses. Rhea felt as if she was being raped that night.

Few months passed, fights continued and Rhea’s health became weaker day by day. As soon as Sujoy would come in the evening she felt like a slaughtered cow. Rhea soon got the news that she was pregnant. She never wanted this to happen so soon. She went to the doctor and told the doctor that she wanted an abortion. Now, since the doctor was Sujoy’s good friend, Sujoy was furious, He immediately called Rhea’s parents and asked them to come to
Srinagar as he wanted Rhea to deliver their first child in

Srinagar. First Rhea’s parents didn’t agree but when they came to know that Rhea wanted an abortion and that could be done easily in Mumbai, they headed straight for

After her parents arrived her life became little easy, as she was not alone. She could easily avoid Sujoy as she knew he could not misbehave in front of her parents. Soon Rhea was a mother of a baby girl. Rhea’s parents couldn’t stay any longer as Rhea’s mom treatment was still going on. So it was back to lonely days, she had to do everything right from looking after the child plus taking care of Sujoy’s daily schedule. If she would miss one schedule Sujay would get really upset and would start shouting at her. Soon the loneliness grew to hatred .She started hating Sujoy and always thought how she could get rid of him. Rhea became ill soon after, her fever never decreased for two three days, doctors confirmed that it was malaria. Even at this time of the hour, Sujay didn’t care for her. Rhea was so fed up and had lost all her patience, she had decided that both she and her baby would go to Mumbai to her parents place or she would end both their lives. She told her decision to Sujay and he froze. He agreed Rhea’s decision but he also had one condition that if he comes to Mumbai with transfer then both of them will stay with him. Rhea just wanted to run from this place and so she agreed. After coming to Mumbai she wanted to give a new meaning to her life. She completed her last year and applied in “AD Dreams”

  where Anirban selected her for my team. Soon Sujoy got a transfer to Mumbai and Rhea started living with him with their daughter. But now Life was not same as it was in

Srinagar. Sujoy had to change for Rhea’s love but now she had already got her wings back, it was difficult for her to feel the same for him. Sujoy always thought that Rhea will give him one chance.

Chapter 6
I was quite upset for few days, but I didn’t stop going out with her after office hours. I was addicted to her; somewhere I still wanted her to be mine. I was dying to tell her that I was hurt badly to know that she is married. But I just couldn’t because I didn’t know what she felt about me, what if she only likes me as a friend. As days passed rhea started telling me more about her past, how much she had gone through, her smiles would turn into tears. I would do all kind of things to keep her happy, long drives, discos anywhere where she could enjoy her life and try to forget about her pains. Once I asked her how she could go home so late when she knows her baby is waiting for her. She got irritated and just said that it’s none of my business. She told me everything about her forceful marriage, how her husband forced her to bed and everything she went through. Now she has come out of it and now is a free bird, she thinks she gives enough time to take care of her daughter and when she is not there her husband should equally share the responsibility. She also said she doesn’t like people who question about her marriage and her daughter so at the time of joining this office she had specifically requested our HR head not to disclose to anybody. She started involving me more and more in her life. As an emotional person I couldn’t stop myself. She somehow knew that I liked her and she liked teasing me and make me feel embarrassed.

One day I was just checking my mails and I saw Rhea’s email. She had asked me few questions. I just thought it’s a questionnaire, but there was one question where she asked me if there was anything more than our friendship. I answered her back saying of course there is something more than a friendship between us but there is no name to it. After few minutes I got a call from Rhea “Ujjan I want to go for a long drive today, I am in no hurry to go home today, as my daughter is at my parents place, and you can drop me there”
I didn’t know what was coming that day, but after office we started with our long Drive .We both were quite for sometime the Rhea continued “

Ujjain I know you like me and you need me in your life, the only thing which is stopping you is that i am married. I share the same feeling for you, infact I have started loving you. You are a perfect gentleman, you are a person I can depend on for anything, anytime, do you love me Ujjan “
I was shocked, my eyes were wide open. I wanted this to happen, but was not sure whether to be happy or sad. I really wanted to tell yes to her

“Its not right “I said
“Why “she replied
“ You know Rhea you are married and you have a daughter ,its not accepted in the society, if I say yes also how can I face your daughter, do you think it will be fair for the little one, you need something which is not all accepted by anyone”
She replied “Ujjan, who cares about the society, we are not getting married, what I need is your love and time. Is it a crime to love someone?
“It’s a crime when you are married, Rhea” I answered back.

“Common Ujjan, You can give the love and respect I need which I don’t get from my husband. In fact I don’t love him at all, I am with him today only because of my parents, my mother will die immediately if I get separated from him, she cannot accept this. Just tell me once that you love me and I will make sure it doesn’t fade away. “
“No Rhea, I can’t say that, it’s not right, let’s go back”. I was scared and shivering from inside. All the way back home she kept on insisting me, she cried and begged me to say at least once that I love her. But I was not looking at her. We reached her residence, she got out and she told “you will come to me, you don’t want to say it but your eyes is expressing your love for me” she slammed the door and walked off.
That night changed my whole life. I couldn’t understand what to do. I knew for sure that it was wrong but I cannot deny that I love her and I need her.

Chapter 7
For few days I was not myself, I was just thinking about Rhea .She didn’t speak to me for a couple of days. But whenever we passed each other her eyes would ask me the same question “Do you love me “
I thought of speaking to Anirban about this, I called him up and decided to meet for Lunch. Lopa also joined in, I told them the whole story without reveling Rhea’s name and both of them were shocked “Ujjan, have you lost it?  I always thought you dated girls just for fun but this are ridiculous.” He continued with his profanities. I looked at lopa and her eyes told me the same thing Denial. Anirban asked me to forget everything and focus on work. He suggested me to go for an international assignment so that I can divert my mind from all these things.
I didn’t say anything else to anirban.I had decided I want to follow my heart, dam this society, they will never understand my love. How can I not love Rhea only because she is married? And who cares she doesn’t want me to get married to her. We will spend time with each other and enjoy life as it comes. Nobody knows anything about Rhea so I don’t have to answer anybody. It was around midnight, I decided to call her, and she answered in one ring as if she knew I was going to call her. “Rhea I am sorry to call you at this hour, but I have something important to tell you”.

“Ujjan you know that I am married “she replied
“Damn with your marriage Rhea, I love you and I want you in my life”
“You know what you are saying, are you sure “She said
“Rhea I started loving you from the day I first saw you, I am sorry I didn’t tell you but I now I don’t care if you are married or not “
She started laughing “Ujjan you took so much time to say this, I was waiting for last two days. I am very happy today thanks ujjan I know you will give me all the things I need in my life, but there is something I want you to know, I need you as a lover not as a husband, I already have one husband, the day I see you behaving like a husband i will walk out from your life“
“Thanks Rhea, thanks for accepting me and I promise you that day will never come.”I said that confidently.

Chapter 8
My meaning of life changed, love was all around me. Everyday I used to think of new things to make Rhea happy and make her more comfortable for this relation. We started meeting in the weekends as well. From coffee house we have now moved to discos, clubs, weekend outings etc. I totally forgot about her married life. Our office colleagues started noticing us together. Everyone had the same topic of gossip about Ujjan and Rhea. We had become the famous couple in the office. Rhea was also enjoying the relation because with me she could see the outer world freely.
Few weeks down the line we together went for an office get together party. Everyone was in a party mood. Rhea was dancing as if she wanted to take all her frustration out, she danced very well. I used to feel embarrass because dancing was not my cup of tea but still to see her smile I also joined her on the dance floor. Soon it was time for dinner and we moved towards the dining hall. I don’t know who started it but suddenly the topic of married working woman came out. Every woman started their own story, Rhea was ignoring the topic but suddenly Mrs. Vijaya our HR head called out to Rhea.

“Hey Rhea, you are also married and you have a daughter as well, why don’t you tell us about your experience”.

Mrs. Vijaya broke the promise which she had given to Rhea, but all the eyes were looking towards me and Rhea. People were shaking their heads, some people were pointing towards me “How could you Ujjan, She is married”,” What kind of female is she”.

 For the first time in so many weeks I felt ashamed of myself. I knew I was doing something terribly wrong but I ignored it all along, since nobody knew about Rhea. But today I couldn’t say anything nor I couldn’t defend Rhea from this situation. Rhea couldn’t take this, she went running outside, before I could get hold of her, she rushed home in a cab. I tried calling her but she had switched her phone off. I went back to the party. As soon as I stepped in I could see Anirban’s face, he was furious, he could slap me any moment. I didn’t want to discuss anything about this topic with him today so I rushed off home directly.
I tried calling Rhea many times, but the phone was switched off.

Come on Rhea, please don’t do this, I Love you but I don’t care what people say”. Rhea didn’t report to office for next two days. Nobody knew any news about Rhea and I was feeling so lonely without her. I wanted to meet her anyhow. I called Lopa and requested her to come with me to Rhea’s House. Lopa was angry but she had a good heart she understood my feelings and agreed to come with me. We left after lunch to Rhea’s place; a fair tall and handsome guy opened the door. We introduced ourself as Rhea’s office colleagues and told that we were concerned about Rhea as she didn’t come to office for two days; her cell phone was also switched off. It was Sujoy, he introduced himself as Rhea’s Husband, I was very ashamed of myself, I had come to see my love and her husband is actually welcoming us. I could see Rhea’s daughter in Sujoys hands, she was a beautiful angel. Sujoy told us that Rhea is not well and she was sleeping. We decided not to disturb rhea and told Sujoy to let Rhea know we had come and ask her to give a call to us whenever she feels alright. We were about to leave when Sujoy asked us “something went wrong in that party of yours, she looked pale after she came back, She had high fever since then”. I had a feeling that Sujoy understood what had happened but I thought of not to disclose as he might get hurt. But I saw lopa taking Rhea’s daughter in her hand as she said “Rhea didn’t tell anybody in the office about her marriage and her daughter, people were really surprised that day “. I saw Sujoys face going down, he smiled and replied “Rhea wants to live life independently, she doesn’t like anybody to interfere with her life, and I guess I have also accepted her decision “. I showed by big eyes to lopa and left from Rhea place. While going back I shouted at Lopa and asked her” what was the need for telling the truth “.

Lopa Replied “ It was necessary ,its important for sujoy to know what’s going on in his absence, look how embarrassed he felt after knowing this, but still he was supporting his wife, what a gentleman he is and look at rhea she spoiling three lives, you, sujoy and the most important her daughter.”
Lopa was right I was feeling extremely guilty after seeing Sujoy and their daughter. Differences happen in all the family that doesn’t mean Rhea needs to leave his husband and look for someone else. Her husband can support her to get the life she wants. But what the hell I still love her; if she loves me, I simply don’t understand the problem of other people.
Rhea was back after two days, she looked pale as she knew everyone was talking about her. I involved myself with work so that I don’t get a chance to meet her. I started avoiding her in office. I didn’t know whether I was bothered about my image or her life, I really don’t know, but every time I thought of Rhea her daughter’s image came in front of my eyes. The thought was killing me slowly. I started making excuses not to meet her and just wanted to run away from the guilt temporarily. I remember when I was in

Dubai, I got a call from Rhea “I have resigned Ujjan, I cannot take it anymore, people have started questioning about my marriage and you know how much I hate this”.

“At least you could have waited for me before taking this decision, who did you speak to. Did Anirban told you anything”
“I gave my resignation to Anirban, guess what he was very happy, he asked me to move away from your life, but forget it, please come back, and am missing you now. We can meet everyday. I will see you at the airport. “

I came back after a week and I was not surprised to see Rhea waiting for me. She hugged me very tightly, I could sense that she really missed me; we went towards the airport lounge. I told her I was sorry for what Anirban had said. She ignored the topic and quickly added “Ujjan can you take leave for three days, lets go out for a holiday, I am very much stressed” .I was surprised and never thought I will be facing this situation, I didn’t know what to reply.” What about your daughter and Husband, what will you tell him?” I replied
She got very angry and shouted “it’s not your problem, you should be only concerned about me and not my family “. I had bought some gifts for her, I gave her to cool her down but I really could not take leave as some deadlines were nearing. We left for office as I had some work, as soon as I entered I saw Anirban and Lopa, he was in a foul mood, and he came straight to me and caught hold of my collar. Lopa quickly took

 his hands out as I was not able to breathe.
Anirban continued shouting “What’s wrong Ujjan, why are you spoiling your life, what you are doing is a crime. You guys are destroying so many families and their feelings. Do you have a little idea how her husband will react when he comes to know about all this nonsense .He is going to kill you, actually before he does I am going to kill you Ujjan, what kind of life you are leading. Do you even realize your performance has been affected; I am answering our clients on your regards. How many days you want me to cover for you Ujjan?”
“Please Ani understand, she is not happy in her married life, she loves me and she wants to be with me and I also love her “I replied.
Anirban responded by saying “So ask her to divorce her husband. Ujjan you do not understand, she is just playing with your life. Trust me she will never leave her husband and but she will destroy your life and when she is done she will find another Ujjan”

Lopa added “ Brother this kind of married girls look for adventure, they tell all sad stories to attract guys, but they just want to enjoy their life, maybe her husband is capable but he doesn’t like the life Rhea leads so he stops her. This makes her venture out for adventure “.All throughout the conversation I was getting irritated as I never thought of Rhea like this. I used to believe she loves me.

Anirban Said “Please Ujjan I am like your brother, please come out of it, don’t spoil your life and career for you girl who doesn’t deserve you at all. If you don’t listen to me then I will have to speak to your parents “
My god why is he bringing my parents in the middle. But he was right; I will never be able to make Rhea as my wife because she doesn’t need a husband. Where did I go wrong? I told them I will try my level best to ignore her. More than anything her daughter’s image kept coming in my dreams everyday; I couldn’t sleep properly for days.
I wanted to make everything normal. I started avoiding her calls, made all kinds of excuses to not to meet her. She was loosing her patience but I had to do this with lot of pains as well. I was addicted to her but if I meet her again and I will go week. One day I was leaving my office, I saw her approaching me. She started yelling “Ujjan why are you doing this to me? Why are you avoiding my calls, did I do any anything to upset you “I replied “Listen rhea like you have a husband and daughter, I too have a different life and friends, I have to give myself time to them also. Why don’t you start working and make some friends, by this way you will not feel lonely .Now can I go, I have a meeting to attend “I felt very bad for speaking rudely with her, from my rear mirror I could see her standing and staring at me. I wanted to avoid any more confrontation with her so I took an international assignment and flew to

London. Just to divert my mind from her, months passed but I couldn’t forget her. One day I lost my patience and decided to call her. She was not reachable, the same thing happened for next three days, I was getting very upset, I wasn’t sure whether she changed her number or not, she can’t do this without informing me. I got thru her number one fine morning. “Hi rhea it’s me Ujjan“before I could say sorry she said “Hey Ujjan how is

London, you know what I am enjoying my new office and I have made so many friends. My Boss Rahul so cool, we go out for discos or coffee everyday “

Now I know why her cell was not reachable, who is Rahul now, why is he in Rheas life. I felt little scared of loosing Rhea. I could hardly speak to her as she was either busy or out with Rahul. I went insane; I came back to

India and started calling her. But now it was her turn, she avoided my calls and never replied to any of my messages. My emotional messages turned into abusive ones but still she never replied. But one day she called “Ujjan stop messaging me, please don’t bother keeping in touch with me anymore, I am happy with what I am, don’t let me forget all the good moments which I spent with you by reading your abusive messages,” before I could say something she continued “listen if I want to meet you or talk to you, I will call you till that time let me lead my life.”
I was furious “what do you mean, you don’t love me anymore, and I came back for you from

London. I was always there whenever you needed me, Remember I ignored all the humiliation from the people to be with you, how could you change?”
“Stop that nonsense emotional drama of yours, where were you when everyone pointed fingers on me, you ran away to
Dubai, still I loved you and when I needed you the most you again ran away to

London. You never loved me; you were ashamed to be with me and cared only for your God Damn reputation. So don’t tell me your fairy tale stories. I request you Ujjan don’t bother my life anymore.” And she hung up. I was shocked by her behavior, I fought with all the people to be with her and now she doesn’t want me to bother her anymore. I think she is made me realize my mistake with other girls in my life, I am sure she loves me. I know girls always do this kind of stuff. I sent her many apology sms and even tried calling her but no response. I just needed one chance, I messaged her that I wanted to meet her for the last time and after that I would never interfere in her life ever. To my luck she replied to this one, stating that she agreed to meet me outside her office in the evening, I was thrilled and I knew I could convince her and bring her back. I reached her office one hour before; I took the best of flowers and waited for her. After an hour I saw her coming out, oh my god she is so gorgeous, I told myself, ya I can do it. she greeted me with the same smile I loved ,” Hey Rhea after so many days I am seeing you, you look very beautiful “ she smiled again and asked me the reason to meet her, I started driving and decided not to waste any time and come directly at the point.” Rhea I realize I have done some mistakes, I really apologize for it, but my love has never changed, I still love you Rhea, please give me a chance, we will again enjoy our life the same way we used to do “
“Hey if you want to discuss this then I am not interested, if you want to continue the same topic then I have to go “she replied very rudely
“Rhea I just want to know the reason of rejecting me “I asked
“Ujjan I had loved you crazily, I have given you what no others girls could ever get from me and see what you did to me ,you started thinking about your image, you ignored me and went away from my life so that I cannot reach you, now I have made many friends and enjoying my life “
 “who is the guy Rahul, is he spending more than me, he must be a rich guy “I didn’t know why did I say all these things, she replied” Stop the car right now or else I will jump off “I got scared and stopped, she opened the door and said “Go to hell Ujjan and don’t even dare to call me or meet me I mean it.” And she slammed the door very hard.
I felt like a use and throw tissue, she just threw me out of her life, and she didn’t even care how I felt; now I know why lopa and Anirban were so against Rhea, They were right, she is found a new Ujjan in her life. I was very angry with myself. I always thought girls are my cup of tea and now a girl came used me and threw me like a tissue .I decide to meet Rhea’s husband and tell him everything, If I don’t get Rhea then nobody else should get her. I was about to go when I saw again Rhea’s daughter’s picture in front of my eyes, I couldn’t move forward, I could sense her asking me “what is my mistake, why are you trying to ruin my life “I stopped myself, I think it is not fair on her little baby, I have to move on, go back to my original days, I couldn’t think what to do. I saw the flowers meant for Rhea, I got an idea to divert my mind
“Hey is it Monica, hi its ujjan, can we meet for dinner?”

Chapter 9
“Ujjan, hey it’s me Rhea, what are you thinking “
Oh god the whole flashback was right in front of my eyes, I quickly rubbed my eyes ,I saw rhea still standing  “ am sorry Rhea I don’t know what happened to me, my god you still look pretty, I mean like always “ Before she could asked me anything I quickly  said
“  I am engaged “. What did I just say, when did I get engage and with whom, focus Ujjan focus don’t get scared.
“Congratulations, at last you have decided to settle down” she was still smiling.
Wiping my sweat I ask her “how have you been Rhea”
“Well life has changed, Sujoy has left Indian army, he has joined some corporate company, I am still working in the same firm, and hey Sujoy is right here in the party, would you like to meet him “she replied.
“Sorry Rhea I have to leave, I am sorry, good to see you though”
 I started running towards my car, I didn’t see back even once. But why was I running, I smiled at my stupidity; I was still scared of the fact that this girl treated me like thrash. But suddenly I realized she is back with Sujoy, after Rahul. I started laughing loudly. My whole life was upside down because of this girl, as she was not happy with her married life. Look at her she still smiles and guess what back with her husband. Suddenly all my guilt just vanished and I nice and light hearted; I think she took the right decision of rejecting me only to give chance to her husband.



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