Jens Marquard



Our partnership is beautiful,
with sunglasses U look so cool,
I ask U which guy, who,
says U were a purposely tool,
this person is to feel cruel,


I believe in U,
U believe in me, too,
the rain washes away soot,,
after the fire we can redo,
all I ever knew,
that we can start from new,
I will be your boo,
let´s visit a zoo,
with U that´s the clue,
for not becoming blue,



I confide in U,

U confide in me, too,

if we persecute,

our target we can redo,

we like beer, that´s brewed,

U are even cute,

if U show you rude,

let´s go back to roots,

thanks, U buy me boots,

U´re my favourite fruit,




I trust in U,

U trust in me, too,

if we execute,

loving we can redo,

we both dislike tofu,

I know your crew,

U know mine, too,

our equality is pure,

our distinction is poor,

our gear is sure,




U and me, too;
doing when we do;

we have a nice view;
on what´s supposed to,
it´s U and me, too,

Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Jens Marquard.
Publicado en el 20.02.2009.


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