John Robinson

When Are They Coming?


When are they coming?


I have not written anything and have reframed from any e-mail in fear of them breaking down my door in the middle of night since my last drunken rant about the Obomnation of my Country. I would still Kill the Black Bastard with my bare hands if I could for the good of my Country! I know he is half white but he choose to be black and Bastard is a term to describe to an individual of the union of un-wed couples, which he was!!!!!!


It still a question was he born in Kena? that has been hidden from us by the government and the media?


America is no longer the land of the free. The News media has sold out for socialism. It is now the land of the fee and the land of Obomination where everything is taxes. Almost every major industry has been seized by the charlatan, the black bastard, Oboma and he promises it just the beginning. We cannot endure much more of this traitor, socialist. He can not be allow to finished even one term as a the Dumcrats President. Since the Obomation of America took place 1,5973 million jobs have disappeared in his socialist acquisition of the few remaining industries of America!


America used to have the best health care system in world until the government started messed with it forcing major heath insurance companies on us. They were just the beginning so Government could seize them and take over healthcare. Health insurance should done away with as well any government intervention and let Doctor and patients decide what fee will be, But social healthcare is now inevitable by August.


The Obomaniation and the Dumacrats are proposing a cap and tax of our fleeting industries for the false concept of global warming while we are descending into period of global cooling. Our competitors ignore any of their false concept and could care less as the stupid Liberal Dumactats Destroy our nation in any means which manifest it self as environmentalism.


Things are not quite as bad when we had the worst President the United States ever record (Barrack who’s is insane Obama is sure to surpass little Jimmy!): Little the incompetent Jimmy Carter. There was a saying then that still applies: If you were put out of work and you are hungry -Eat an Environmentalist!


Environmentalism has so drastically reduced the output of our country and all too many people out of work, for what? Environmentalism has turned our National forest into tinder boxes where because or years of environmental we now have massive and impossible fires to fires to fight. Because the do not believe in thinning and the removal of fallen trees from the forest floor. Fuel load as they choose to call it. There was time when all are major forests had fire roads that now have been allowed to disintegrate. Those roads allow the poor a place to go and camp until they could find something better. Those roads allowed access to those struggling to get fuel for their wood stoves that kept my family warm.


The biggest enemy of the U.S. is the propagation of the stupid by our schools dominated liberals teaching communism rather than something that will make our student completive in world.


When is the formal surrender of America The United States by the Black Bastard to his beloved Red China going to take place? There are many of us that will go on fighting.


I look forward to the rise of Lone Star Republic and Israel! Death to terrorist Islam and Liberalism



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Publicado en el 05.06.2009.


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