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     Once when I was in my 20's, I was sitting at my piano and God spoke to me.  It was an experince that has stayed with me for the past 30 years and occassionally it floods my being.  It's hard to describe orally,  but I have written about in so many ways; poems, stories, journal just won't let go.

During that time in my life I was trying to find myself.  Dad had died when I was 18, and I was now in my early 20's.  I was going to a community college just flitting around,  not having picked a major, and the idea of making a career out of working with people with disabiliites was growing somewhere on the outskirts of my consciousness.   I was at the time taking courses in electronic technology beause I had an interest in science, but my real love was working with disabled children    I had volunteered in a summer camp with handicapped kids when I was 17,and I began to find myself in that work.  In the midst of children who were "retarded",  blind, deaf, autistic (though I didn't know that lable at the time), and in wheel chairs, I began to find my place.  They didn't play mind games, or care how smart I was, or anything else.  They just were themselves, and I could help them in many ways,  and at that time in my life I found that very refreshing.

I had grown up Catholic.  We prayed the rosary as a family, and mom and dad were devout church goers.  I had gone to a Catholic elementary school, and an all-boys Catholic highschool.  I  had been an alter boy,  lectored at the church,  and even had been a eucharistic minister, bringing Holy Communion to the homebound.  We used to pray the rosary as a family, went to church on Sundays, and sometimes even during the week. 

    And here I was now, in my 20's.  I was working in a Catholic church rectory at the time, and working at playing the piano.  I  watched and listened to my brother and sister who were both taking formal lessons, and I tried to teach myself.  At this point in my life I was working on getting my right and left hand to play together and I remember that I actually starting doing it.   It was a real effort because I had never had a lesson, but I had practiced and practiced and the ability to play with both hands was emerging slowly.

   Music had surrounded me all my life.  Mom played piano, dad played clarinett. My brother  and my sister had piano lessons and I had taken lessons on the clarinett.  I was surrounded by music and it grew in me in ways that I know I'll never be able to fully explain. There were many times when the family would get together and "jam".  Those were some of the best times in my life and I will always cherish them.

I started to learn to play blues harmonica when I was in highschool.  I  hooked up with a friend who was a blues guitarist in highschool, and we played for hours and hours afterschool working on blues riffs and basic progressions.  It was here I first began to feel he power of music.  I got together in my highschool years with many other "muscians" and I remember many basement and garage jam secessions.

    So there I was sitting at the piano in our livingroom with all of these things bubbling inside of me.  I don't remember much of  what I was thinking or feeling at the time, but I do remember I was thinking about the
"A " Note.  It is the note that orchestras tune up to and it's frequency is 440 Hertz.

My finger touched that  A-Note and then it happened:  I had a vision, a vision with MOVEMENT attached to it.  It moved in my head.  Faster then anything I had ever known before, or anything I've experienced since.  I realize now that it was the Voice of God.  There were images and a flood of movement. I felt this sweeping  "WHOOSH" inside my head, and all of these images and thoughts came together at once.   I visually "saw" images of so many things all at one time. 

 And here is the essence, of what I "saw/knew/experienced":

 I was a musical note.  Separated and in position on the Keyboard of Life. And as a note, I had the capability of being part of any song.  I had infinite diversity in my Notehood:  I could sound fast, slow..loudly or softly.  I could be silent, and there were times when Silence was necessary in Songs...because if I was always "sounding" I would never experience listening.

  I was filled with unlimited possibilities.  And even though I was alone, I was connected to other notes.  And I saw/felt the Glory of God in that. I could see the reason for death (silence)..I could feel Power in Joining with others in Song.  I could see God as the creator of all Possibilities of Everything,  Creator of all Songs...ALL SONGS.  And Love..So much LOVE did I feel during that opening up of my head and heart as I sat at my piano.

  I saw how we could loose ourselves in activities and "doing" where the "songs" became more important than our NOTE-HOOD.  I understood we could get so caught up in the "music" and forget about the Glory from which we came.
I saw Jesus, being sent as this Note of remind us of who and what we are.

I had a flash of Adam and Eve, who  lost the Glory when they ate of the Tree of Knowledge.  I knew that Knowledge was the understanding that, apart from God, we are alone.  We are separated..and we have no Spirit, Power or Authority.  I "saw" that.  I knew that as this movement unfolded in my head.

I saw so may other things.  I saw that we have the ability to understand..everything.  We have the ability to "know" because He knows.   We have the  ability to connect and empathize with one another by our ability to "transpose" ourselves.  We can understand each other because we are connected by our NOTE-HOOD.  And as  "Notes" we have the ability to understand and hear from God who created us. We have the ability to have knowledge of things we don't know with our "natural minds," but when we are led by the Holy Spirit, we can know things we never even imagined.  This would explain the spiritual gift of "Words of Knowledge", and  the other spiritual gifts the Bible speaks about.

 We were created to Worship Him.  I saw that worship as just "being"  or "sounding" in Him.  We were created for His Good Pleasure.  What more can we do then "Sound for Him/BE for Him?" 

I saw the Fall of Adam and Eve as that separation from the Glory.  When they ate of the fruit they "knew" that they were "naked" (without the glory), and they were then alone. In their disobedience, they separated themselves from all that God had given them and they became aware of that separation and they were "naked," because of it.   I could see how we could forget so easily that we are not alone and how we can become "disconnected."  I could see that as we get caught up in "songs"  (doing things), that we can forget who and what we are.  Where the Song becomes more important than our Note-hood.  Where what we do becomes more important than who we are. 

 And about Jesus, Jesus was this...Note of remind us of who and what we are.  He was sent to remind us of our True Nature:.that we come from Glory..we are God.  And more than anything else we are sons and daughters of God who loves us more than any other part of His creation.

 Jesus could do what He did because  He knew that He was part of the Glory.  He knew that He had the power to take authority over Time and Position and Movement.  A  Orchestra Leader..moves; conducts..and creates..Jesus knew that He was Authority and that He had the power over all Notes..all songs..He has the power over the Songs of Natural Laws, and the Songs of Time, the Songs of Knowledge..All of It..This is the Glory.  And that is why He could do the miracles that He did.  He turned water into wine, calmed Storms, healed the sick and cast out demons.  All that He did, he did because He knew who he was.    But the most important thing that He did was to get people to remember who they were; not the limited, sinning,  flesh led, human beings that we can become, but the unlimited sons and daughters of God, the Father. This remembering of who and what we truly are is the greatest miracle.  It is the essence of redemption and the salvation message of Jesus.   This is for US.  We have this ability to go past our limited humanity and regain an understanding of our TRUE nature,our

 Note-hood.  And along with that understanding comes the power, authority and Love of God.

     I've had glimpses of my Note-hood nature many times during my life; when I'm worikng with kids, teaching, or playing music, meditating or writing.  But I have it most when I'm doing His business...worshiping, praying, reading the Word (The Bible) or doing street ministry.  It is those times most of all when I feel this..Revelation of my Note-hood.  I have been reminded of it so many times; when  I meditate about Sympathetic Vibrations, Wave Theory, Harmonics;  all these things are part of music and the Glory that He is.  But I also feel it as I sit in a park looking at a blue lake or watching puffy white clouds float by.

   God who loves us, has given us such power and authority..He Loves us so much that he has given us His Spirit.And now is the time when His Spirit is covering the earth.  Now is the time when our Note-hood is becomming more and more aparent for those who believe. 

 Something big is about to happen: a revelation of who we really are is about to take place.  A brand new song is about to burst forth onto all Creation..As we go and grow on in this Time of Times, I know this understanding, will grow more and more; Like A  Symphony...building. 

Get ready...get ready...get ready for something...BIG!



This account of a "mind opening experience" has been 3o years in the making. It changed the way I view "reality."Comentario del autro


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