Michaela Wallat

For You And All I Have Lost

The whole world is asleep

the silence is rarely and so deep.

Like a lonesome wolf I´m determine

to be the star finder tonight.


But instead I cried so deeply and thought of you

and all I have lost to soon.

Can you see me? Where are you now?

It seems only an angel knows.


Is it mad to think I lost a further friend.

That you had belonged to my life – makes it sense?


Is it mad, I´m crying because you gone

and left the world so terrible alone.

Is it mad I will miss your smile

your talent, your gift – shorty say just all.


Is it mad that I cried because we have never met

and exactly this I will regret

not to huge you, show you, tell you

how wonderful you are.


Is it mad to wish you will meet all my nearest friends

to take care of you and you of them.

Is it mad to hope you will find your better tomorrow

without all your pain and sorrow.


If you have ever seen in someone eyes and really know

he will be always in your heart?


Is it madness?


No, it´s the only way to live on without you.

I love you and all I have lost to soon – my beloved friends.



©MW 01.08.09


That´s my first try in English. Sorry for all mistakes, if existing.Comentario del autro


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