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Dream of a woman

Preliminary remark: It is dared of course always a little bit to dedicate to somebody something which still lives. Different people could have the idea what has to do this, but to the author it does not depend of the more often on it what other people think. A little bit strangely? Stories sometimes live on exaggerations which move on the border: what is feasible what one should not try what was not tried yet and: how somebody would react if the not real case enters: he immediately still twice? How much R.F. (and with it it strikes in www not further: if there remains with this abbreviation, because then it can mean all sorts of.) would like one to experience, how often would be able and would he really want to present himself, if generally? Because I accept sometimes, he does not want to see himself in 3 roles: when he himself and as a double and from this once again the same? Break of me and: then I could try in writing to put what could happen in a just quite unreal story if he had decided, nevertheless, in addition. The reader likes each other a R.F. - in the following also allegedly because we know everybody what face the author has in mind - do introduce with all mistakes and doubts which one does not want to see with his real actor and which this also does not have absolutely because mistakes are just recognised not often as a mistake, fans are just fans and only insiders will recognise him here, however, even perhaps? Surrealism or fiction, imagination or fairy tale: anyway a story with surprises various kind.

And a little bit in addition:

If one does not control foreign languages so - I did not have French at school at all, but so badly it was not English and - one needs a translation programme. I use currently PROMT and if no discomfort comes, PROMT to me can be useful furthermore.
Had I expected a scream of the outrage about "homage for actor Ralph Fiennes"? I had calculated, actually, with less than more than 100 readings and, nevertheless, this surprised me. If the rather completely personal was, however, thus to a miraculous actor of whom his homeland can be proud. Now the follower gets the title: "Dream of a woman" and one can fancy what one wants. "I dream of Ralph Fiennes" I found on the Internet, texts in addition and the photos which are to me an inspiration and should be furthermore. 


1. Part as an introduction


The night had already considered them which project should tackle them as the first. “If flight became the Pharaoh”, “romantic All kinds of with obstacles” “town in  the film mania”, “murder in the cardboard town”? Would she be sometime the director who could swing the big imaginary sceptre to decide which film scenes would be spliced, which not?

Their old passion, the need, from the background observe and, nevertheless, the conductor be, awoke! She remembered how somebody she appealed to them in the yesterday's evening. How had she answered cheerfully? “Everything must look from the distance.” And it had been something thus simpleton like the activity on a bowling alley. The people who talked cheerfully themselves tips gave how one could make it better or has to do even as if it always loser and winner would have to give. To itself, however, also anschwiegen., Among the rest, in this dangerous-cold Anschweigen she recognised a subliminal disdain, for which reasons also always. Though to her disdain was antipathetic, but was not much better disdain or better disregard than hatred?

 And it was itself here her intention: supporting direct, almost unobtrusively all expiries determine, mine plays may correct, "stop" say, all the same who stood as a star before her. According to head it was a direction, camera and screenplay at the same time. All wishes from early, very early days as an adult person could come only to the surface because she was bored.

Before her piled up slips of paper and scraps from newspapers which it already wanted to use for future dialogues. Snapshots and also already notes as "near" "half-near" colour mauve for a room, pink for the romantic dream sequence. Everything first very much blurred, because to assign not unambiguously. The moments at which she stuck if new impressions provided her other pictures, pictures, which in her thought for the film - all the same which - use had to find. Faces in mask appeared, known, unknown, gigantic people as bodyguards, smaller men than almost unimportant politicians. Politics wished them in her films of the future zero!

She fled ideally in the unreal filmland because it did not manage thought in such a way as she wished it. Sluggishness of other people only excited them. Even if sluggishness was founded later, the dispatcher in her had for it other names: bad working organisation!

Was her life (or the life all around) really dull occasionally, was too straight, only monotonous to call? Lives in too well-worn roads, securities for which every person longed meanwhile without thinking that one could also let arise from dreams a little bit? And what was generally from the feeling love? What had become then meanwhile love for them.

Very vague tendons, mixes from whims of Sarkasmus, deep sadnesses, outbursts of rage when it did not go by her will. She had gained control of depressions more and more, now took, however, sleeping tablets if the fullness did not calm them in ideas new over and over again. An immense town which insisted, actually, of several towns and itself constantly enlarged ones appeared from her imagination things.......

A pink-red smoke from the nebulous machine moulted slowly indeed apart and one her known face appeared in the floodlight.

„Stop! Nevertheless, the whole dung once again, you have taken really the wrong fog: he was intended for the dream sequence and not now where immediately a dead person should be discovered, it would look, nevertheless, stupid or?“

The joke biscuits of the technology searched fixed new fog out when it had got about that, nevertheless, he wanted to join in now, one had tried to work especially exactly and just, therefore, happened over and over again new mistakes and small and big inaccuracies. What had a famous star to search in a minor part?

The star who rejected the name Star with disgusting repetition absolutely wanted to play the man to whom a death must cover up, with it his own role in the play around murder, big passions and fateful admiration incidents not kicks. Death of a child still.! Again a hero contradictory in itself? His obsession also did this director slowly to the desperation. She more and more often became more unsafe, looked at him questioningly and left him more freedoms with the creation of the role than she had given them one of her preferential actor.

One turned different settings a dispatch of goods working again in G. Finally, there flowed the right autumn fog about the rails, a carriage service employee pulled out his tiny rennet top around the transport police to inform which should take this time the dead person first in inspection.

He had contracted the habit smoke nervously before himself to, because of course one wanted not necessarily to have him in the minor part as the apparently nice type from, next door besides, which causes the death of an innocent child. But, therefore, this minor part was so difficult and still attractive, because he was made speak more in German than he had done it in his life. And the broken German from the mouth of a learning-eager Englishman was to her more worth than the perfect German of a graduate of the local college. She had made gravity of heart then just the exception...

In her distorted dreams in which to itself a past the handle gave with a future which there would never be thus (because the conditions had been taken away) co-operated transport police with a police which served just mainly the protection of the cardboard town. The extra police which also regulated the traffic had been pushed in the background, because there were not murder cases for a long time any more, now where day and night was turned in any part of town?

And so her dreams went on: 3 modern dispatches of goods in 2 cardboard town parts had been able to put 20 new employees from Outside: these had to stop in more modern kind of telex, error messages deliver, control the strength traffic partially with and what became of many duties more. Without strength traffic which one had also reinstated in these parts of town certain goods just walked no more comfortably and uncomplicated from place to place. Forgotten occupations awoke to the life even if under other portents. But what were for goods: Equipment walked from town to town, even in distant villages where small film teams had set up. Animals were loaded who were led just briefly by the picture, cars which one repaired under some expenditure again because the repair also became a part of that project which was called "exchange". Even certain institutions got used very much to surgical activities, Occupation dispatcher found out a change how one could not fancy it, because directorial assistant seemed to fit rather! Offices issued meanwhile working vouchers, because everybody wanted to do something and if it was only the work at night: Shelves put away in supermarkets, that new town would find so fast no rest. Since people filmed continuously (however, more seriously than ever before!) her own life with the most primitive means, film studios soon did not come with the inquiry around support any more behind, many people wanted to be only with the film, film work determined the life of the before desolate town. In this connection originated in PC `see, always new virtual worlds for other and harmless plays how they were the right ones for children (not only quite small). Within the film teams the occupations changed fast, because everybody wanted to direct sometimes or sometimes being bad. Then the resulted organisation unity adjusted for film and theatre which stepped in in an advisory capacity and explained the eager which steps would be necessary to turn also successful short films, because these became first very much, very short often very blurred films. Not only vouchers changed in this town faster the owner than money, but also mediation for the cheapest accommodations, because on to many lawns there stood already the tents in which also cameras ran. It was turned what always came to the amateurs before the lens, was spliced, separated again, set to music and the police got every week new requests what may be blocked off. So that possibly from a wrong raid did not become real: the police put down pupil of the police school which should help. But when extras got special duties and almost unnoticed the police used own cameras for own work which struck not further, because anyhow and sometime also somewhere everybody observed every person. A gigantic cardboard town originated in which day by day extras were searched, till distant countries rumours circulated, another Hollywood would originate.

Screenplays changed faster the owner than one a could say. Film studios made available discarded books for practise purposes, almost everybody sealed to themselves own script together, children, youngsters and adults tried to maintain even age hostels on around themselves with the completely old people, because those could not contribute dull. Of course it moved the famous people in which manner there art came the people (quite usual ones!) aroused enthusiasm. There were many kinds of pieces of art now and always new sceneries. And there became known which actors found first in own country with priority work, visited famous stars from outside incognito the scenes of pursuit journeys within the running traffic, there was blocked off almost not enough. Because, however, every person dealt anyhow with film, a police car with warning signal went regularly beforehand and for few minutes quite usual streets became the playground of the film team. No: this town never came to complete succumbing! A few what was created every day, spread enough enthusiasm. Adventurous disguising originated in every still so small workshop which one had rammed from the ground, children and youngsters got the new field: "Cinematography" in addition to be able to gain on time a foothold if one could say: “Action!”

Whether is there the name Joke biscuit for joker in English? I do not know it and if not, this was a coinage. Please, with surrealism look up, before one allows to close this text: Dali is my big model, I like his dissolving clock and I like to dream. Poe said about: "Is everything not what we see and what we experience only one dream within a dream?" If somebody wants to dream how it could be: we can dream together and in the dreams of a person can happen so much. Do we simply say R.F. is from the name here Ralf F.?! But also faces are not interchangeable, like people also not, in any case, not in the real world.Comentario del autro


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