Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (2.)

Brief Introduction: I personally like it when the central figures are clearly a bit, preferably early in the book, or chapters, are these:

R.F. (Ralf): the famous actor, who is still in the background
Roffe: Beginner, what the theatrical film industry and business concerns, but very similar RF
Eric: The Stand-in RF, twin Roffe and also with your own pictures as regards the personal and professional life.

That comes in huge cardboard city from a certain period of time very difficult to develop the obstacles to review before cars, which are constantly being monitored if the character seemed to be very adventurous. But let this sense. Since what would be small actors, extras, young actors at the beginning of the career when dimensions taken from the rolls to the outside or were of the opinion: "If you had given me this role, but I'd make out what the!" Nevertheless, it was not about great art only this year. Fames were deliberately kept away from all four corners of the earth, official version: to be able to immediately ignore ridicule and scorn, was the unofficial version more plausible: it happens completely bright minds, was the inspiration of the day and a few footage sometimes it was the scene that almost make the whole movie fame, which might include all the same, as there was a lot of nonsense, otherwise, in the film by a young director the blood.

Stars from the U.S., Britain, France bet anything that the challenge: the creation of the agreement probably could possibly succeed as 1.even an additional role in a school crossings? An understanding of the school bands of small films that showed only normal shots from the schools nothing special. Just, among the rest, exercises for the director's assistant when she was feeling working document had to make, press choose to do a little more important role in a movie or a crime.

However, it was not for him on this additional role, he was looking for a hiding place across different kind of planning and, therefore, lasted about a month, free of any Obligations. If this is the foundation: he'd worn out by the last activity in the theater in England are. Roffe Fredericks, not by birth, now in England there is, however, since his 10th Year with the parents very much felt. Created His twin brother Eric is up to the stand in the famous RF Both hardly looked in the mirror, she only had to look. In short, they saw, RF similar for confounding and can not be mapped ever, at least privately with him. F. was the star of stage and screen, while still about rowing at the very beginning of his career who do not want to come in other potentially the shadow of his boss. The great resemblance to the famous man, it makes the two not just when they wanted to recite.

Green eyes, emerald green, imagine where nearly Roffe what, and besides, it made no difference whether he had the double, perhaps even this so much they never saw each other's faces, that was not the type of R. nor of Roffe.
R. While a good time if Roffe was furious when one turned to him: "Well, had not thought about this scene that only the sand did not sit down there." Although he, as had ever been arrested in the city proved Roffe could also dress up in the streets just to bother him as his appearance. By Ralf made the proposal that cardboard city, close to fames give disguise, you can stay in touch. "Do you want me to conclude with a bet, from the first, because you can see us throw?" If you like. "But Ralf did not intend to give the ominous city, once because he had to work, but still and 2nd: He wanted to do a favor to his stand-in, called him and asked him to travel to his place in the new box remote town, which is why he still likes to know at the time. Roffe clear: he and Ralf or duplicate of the character so different that they could never endure long in one place with one another.
Ralf `s. stand-in has the advantage, which was very good German, but also, and also cautious. Roffe in the private sector of the daredevils who understand women are invoked or acted as if he understood it.

Of course, they came close in Germany, where they spoke only in English, and so attitude has been a feignedly other properly the foreign language until they dreamed, even in the sleep words every now proven, then no sense.
The theater in the German town board had been informed to allow access to no matter what film team, when no foreign stars, but these stars just for the visit would come soon, it's no problem. What limits are there with the interpretation of short?
The preparations went in other directions: false passports had to go here because familiar faces always aroused suspicion and an audience perhaps does not exist, we would have that every day on every corner. Then the false passports to be shown a very fair man, with beard and spectacles, were the others pass a man with short reddish beard, some glasses and a conspicuous scar on one cheek green eyes with a man with blue contact lenses are made invisible.
Both the same and yet so dissimilar stars (or the next star and stand-in praise of the very man) flew at different times in the country, thus awakened her interest.

Ralph "Number 2", as he is called up his sleeve to be happy, always done in front of the mirror, if he had all the quirks of his employer to: check the seat of his beard again and again whether he was unobserved, the glasses sat nervously . And Roffe? Perky he raised his head, grinning women, joking around here, settling there to eavesdrop on conversations discreetly, because both had to learn: what tone one of the best of all, to leave impression?
Roffe managed very well with his disguise.
What both do not know: The easy-open airports in the new cardboard city had installed surveillance cameras only newly received. These cameras were to be found also in a position, false beards, whether the people were given about the true identity quickly carried to the headquarters of the movie people immediately know when again a very famous person wanted to cross the border between real and false world.

Roffe was lucky: his identity clear that he is a beginner, as the movie theater events and concerns, including foreigners, of whom no one knew if he let out what to whom, but he was able to go through. Ralph of 2? Its database also knew very little importance, but only read: "With the desire of employers to inform RF ......".
"That can not be well: someone who looks like he does not disguise, and he still, he stood-in? Is the real follow through, too? Disguise why." The chief of the film industry was by accident into the next room and was not so pleased that all 2 Englishmen wanted to remain in their city, in any case, not now. She had the exact plan of turning a little-known and well-known teams are not 100% (everyone had in mind, because with her!) Are Arranged, but not in any side street is something that both foreigners may not like this: a kind of parody, not something with which the English, nor could they could start a lot. What to do?
"So, we ask men to accompany us directly into the theater."

She went to just come and ask for one of their cars, which must drive their personal score and to the theater. Moreover, it agreed to talk with theater employees is a serious word: this schedule does not often come to terms with her, very bad.
When almost the top of this mysterious city invites the guest shots from it?
Their nervousness enveloped them very well. Why did the side windows, each would have been? Well, it was known to park their car, but it would not be stared at.
In store, they decided that the dress of the men to call something funny seriously. But even if other dimensions from abroad in this way received approval, it was now here, the only German productions past.

The theater people were not badly surprised when the chief of the city to pay a visit always safe unexpectedly unpleasant. She hissed at one of the bouncers: "I can through the nearest point of such negligence does not go without the next."
Very formal, she asked the men in her spacious office, which were being offered all kinds of drinks and put it in a way that was a coincidence that the book was written, they only prepared: partly history and partly already Screenplay: "The life of a confidential RF

If this book hit the brother of Eric Doubel and he has them, they act very shocked and touched embarrassing. "Please take my little tragic romance, the book is more a notional want to try, something that can be understood, not without the next to understand. Actually, I would give it to anyone to read, but you Eric - while your brother should be something else in the house - but not leave the building? - I can rely on: If you read, read it with common sense: fictitious means that, if it never, never did so now his life and so will not happen. "Eric looked surprised and Roffe Roffe can be enticed to make a casual walk and talk with the young theater students. She quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper, it was a companion and threw him an angry glance at the obvious pointed out: "Unless that happens, what will free me, I want you!"

Eric was in a large leather chair and whipped cream every page. Fortunately he was able to read in German, he had pursued this hobby to go home. Written instructions on how to script instructions, lovingly decorated with pictures specific locations, read more than fantastic. She then said to himself that it seemed she introduces himself, but drew attention to the fact that it was good to hear every word: "Why should not this great? As the truly private life of an RF so much in secret that only he knows what he would play if he is really such a book can be ordered. Why should he now already has been done in general? "She smiled, and hoped the correct decision to double and even he was "I guess you really do not want to process this metropolis?" "If I did not plan that far, if you like: a small gift from the realm of unexpected possibilities. Whether it past him to directly or coincidencially it going in with him, I leave to you. And thus we can guarantee a better greeting for you, with the next location, so you do not need the costume: it's cheaper to fly you back here in the next few days, nothing happening in the city great. "While the log was about half that, but only about half, then we would arrange the next visit in a way that would have turned into a satire of the time, more of a rather dull junk or some action scenes, the population was good to be back in any case so greedy, that would be necessary to constantly deliver messages: soon to be back that far.

He, too, and do not see a solution other than the two Englishmen went straight from the theater back into their homes they had not got out luckily the real reason for the resignation. And this strange place, what exactly one does not seem like a gift: a script that should not be processed? What did he do then?

R.F. Read a few days later, really the book. Besides his family had known the actual events in his life and what: an amount of imagination and interpretations of his actions, also for his interpretations often obscure expressions, interpretations, which embarrassed him and approached too near the truth.

He was able to read them only after his friends and translates the entire text. Of course he is not on the question of whether he wants to come to use it then. He had not planned, not in a way that he was adopted by a stranger. He wanted to tear violently to certain pages, but then has it exactly - funny enough, and scary-as well admit it? - His feelings, his pain, his grief was, especially after the early death of his mother. He had thought never in my life that someone could see an outsider so deeply in his heart, wondering in horror if his face was always the perfect mask, as he had thought. Yes, he had done at a certain time, only masks. Fans probably swarmed over his eyes, but he was not the mirror of the soul, and in any case, not with the author of the book with her, it was at once the whole face.

He stood before the mirror, which hung on the side of the paper still with short notes to the next role, looked and said, "Did too tired of old age." Of course, years have not gone without a trace of him, but it did not bother him. Which of its many faces he had brought them to begin this book in general? Or was it more than one of these faces? A portion of one's life, which apparently was bored earlier meant that he be seen once again: now her former idol had become very old, too old to have the opportunity nor desirable. People must always be desirable for women, or keep as a sex symbol? This general question amused him was a grin and a little pathetic, but he was also for himself and not before the audience. The question of whether he was one or not, and he did neither with nor with the answer. Neither before him, and he did not plan to discuss with other people. This was anyway his face, he could get anybody else, he did quite well with him took place, but just ead. Giving consideration to the rule that if man possible for them so sexy? Your idol?
Curious, he now uses the Internet - another spring did not occur to him, and studied a little. Then, to the very young face of a man who almost intimidated, it has to look the dreams of their childhood and youth so? Very striking, not as soft as before his time (he decided to privately only soft, without finding mention it, but an expression of female) too hard, it was not include anything dreamy. A little more tight muscles, which had the other without fear in the films that show have been carried out, because even physical. Even songs were composed on the young "worship God" to the unknown country had hardly any. Yes, added the tiny country's longest set, (which it does not compare to Atlantis, although there could be dreamed dreams) was not finished so interested that the other actor, he was for years the chief of the Indian and still had with great success, with a success, him during his younger years. Come were not so available. Was he then usually a particular actor or correct this sentence, however, was that his last performance as justified, dull and lethargic?
Insert with such doubts, he threw the script into the corner and decided to think in the next few days something else. But it did not succeed. Curiously, it was a bed which is now not just reading stories to fall asleep.

She took in hand the listener surprised - she liked the outdated phone with dial, this gave no irritating ringing tones of all kind of itself - when he announced himself. Of course in one for them a lot to quick English what she could not quite understand then of course. Before he could finish, she handed over the conversation to one of her employees who controlled the English perfectly before and backward. "And now please the entire conversation in all details once again from the front!"

She pursued the answer in the face of the employee who quietly said: "He says, he does not negotiate with several people at the same time." "Then you straighten nice greetings to him, he is able to do me ... Well, better not - then he may write down that of what he wants to inform me into English or there pretty hand over e-mail to me, because of me then send a fax. When I can send back the answer, before I must translate them own-handed if he already liked to send no German translation to me, he should not surprise person if it lasts for a while. Headstrong. The headstrong people did not only thus nothing but a thought of me. "

Of what he only wanted to inform her, actually: he would plan to go through the screenplay with her personally sometimes with it he can get to know what lies behind. Whether only romance or, as he accepted, a kind of obsession which one so circumscribe what able to come: "The king is dead (in this case does not translate with any more so topically: her former idol), long live the king" : he planned not grown to really step to the place of a demigod to whom he felt not. And R.F. heard in the answer that she would not have understood everything, to one of her employees handed over the conversation who tried to dam his torrent of words with clear announcements. Something calms explained manufactures RF, he would proceed during the next days on the trip to meet them. "Nevertheless, he really did not ask Whether I can receive him? May be normal in his sphere that everybody automatically buckles to ground and if he is glad of a word is appreciated. It is not offered him with us thus. "Yes, she had exaggerated something in her upcoming fury, might not itself admit that she got very sudden fear. Fear of a Man Whose picture did not hang over her bed though, but one side of the blade had brought to her at which she looked long ago as deadly: she forgot the time if it fancied his living face, and the sentences from a French song occurred to her, possibly in such a way: "Your nice face moves - in the steep path and floating of a gentle song, in the sinking sun in to Themselves weigh of the reed in the flame of the fire ... It trembles in the quiescent lake, in the lonesome small tree, in the miraculous star sky, in the cracked earth, the folds of a rose ... It glides in the uncontrollable ocean, in the sound of the crystal, in the simple, clayey country lane, in the good, bad persons, in the ice and in the glow ... " The rest was so incredibly sad, she had forgotten him because it wanted to forget him: the man and the song. The man had been 12 years older and he had meant to her sometimes a lot, she sealed for this time: half of my life - although so much time had not passed at all felt them just thus and she maybe thought: does read well thus?

Still a little bit annoyingly she gave up herself to herself home, had a bath comfortably and had dropped off a little bit when her fax machine jumped. In this time? O clock? „Great thing, that which me now bothered what can expect.“ This kind of disturbance did not fit her, she was used to doing music rather fast after the bath and falling asleep afterwards surrounded by the shallow smells which had quite a special circumstance. She pulled something the paper from the device irritates and did not believe her eyes to trust: R.F. announced itself in German translation of that what he probably meant. Now he had translated word by word, so own-handed, this flattered her anyhow. Basically he apologised first of all for the late disturbance and also for the fact that he had on no account wanted to attack them with the phone call in her company. He is only very unhappy about the fact that he thus a bad impression with her leave has if she wants, she can completely travel after her schedule to him and discuss with him how she would have thought it out to herself the screenplay. Nevertheless, could be right! He asks me because of the conversion of the screenplay which showed his life in fictive manner? Certainly he had not meant thus?! And she picked out the best translation programme to herself, translated her German into the English and this read on the fax which held he soon in the hands in such a way: „You, worth master, must have misunderstood there what very much. Can also deal with our linguistic barrier: I take care in English more and herewith assure you: the present is and remains a present, it would not be fair to produce something in my cardboard town what could be possibly embarrassing for you, because these fictive stories are not your life, I accept this not only, I believe this to know. Will announce me next week still to you, so that we can tune our schedules with each other. With superior respect.“ Their kind was not to smear so much honey around the mouth to somebody, it seemed to her here the best solution to win some time for the moment again. She could not discuss seriously with him a screenplay what was half-done and very fictive. And: by no means she would lead alone in her town castings in the ways, because who should take over the role of his mother, his father? Everything very unpleasantly and anyhow unsubstantially.


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