Mairaj Zindran


Is he the provider, the master of the worlds
Or do we christen him so
That our fortunes turn
That our fantasies precipitate

Is he the manifestation of hope
Or the catalyst that breeds it
The excuse for our excesses
An illusion why we choose to suffer

Is evolution really him peaking
Outdoing himself at every step
And like all good things
What peaks must descend

Is he an idea whose time has come
Now that we merrily self destruct
An idea that will surface
Through a miracle or perhaps a plague

Is he a creation of egotism
His traits as varied as our imagination
Or a reflex of our defeats
A justification for satanic triumphs

Is he not in our subconscience
A woman we seat beside us
Adorn her with pearls and emeralds
Assuming the right to her violation

Or is he beyond comprehension
His fairness unaffected by love nor detest
That both saint and sinner are born
That both saint and sinner must die


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Mairaj Zindran.
Publicado en el 11.09.2009.


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