Joseph Trance

On My Knees

 I cannot stand,
when I real-eyes all that
YOU have done;
Your creation of the stars
and moon, the earth,
the setting sun.
The mountains, and the rivers,
the lakes and all the trees,
the entire animal kingdom,
brings me to my kness.

And through the eyes of science,
things I do not see; the atoms,
and the molecules, things that are part
of me.

How truly great Thou art,
my God, creator of all things;
from ants to plants to elephants,
and angles that have wings.

But more than all of these,
My Lord, You created me,
in your image and your likeness,
with Your Breath so that I
could BE.
But You went beyond creating me,
You loved me more than that,
You sent Your Son, into the earth,
of Mary He was begat.
You didn't let Adam's Sin
take it all away,
You sent Your Son to save
me, and now on my knees I

I cannot stand
When with real-eyes
I see all that You have done,
I hold these things unto my heart
from dawn to setting sun.

So when I think of all
of these
it's on my knees
I fall,
in humble adoration,
to You, my God of ALL.


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Publicado en el 28.07.2010.


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