Donnetta Williams


"Now I don't want you to fly off the handle, but you do need to brace yourself for what's coming next."
Charlene looks on at her bestie for the last ten years, like she has lost her mind. "Girl just spit it out!"
"She's in there, just the way I found her."
"Who's in there?" Charlene looking on puzzled. Scared of what she
would find behind the door. "Oh no, not my baby, Lisa what happened to
my baby?" Charlene is now hysterical, her voice rises.
"There was this woman; I've never seen her around here before. I know she doesn't live in the apartment complex."
Charlene's fearful expression turns into an angry pout. "Why in the hell didn't you call me?"
"I tried to call you." Charlene's bestie, stood up against the wall, eyes wide.
"Girl you didn't try hard enough, if something happened to my baby."
Charlene opens the door, mouth drops open. No words are spoken. The
horrific look on her face told the story. She begins to scream, her
voice muffled from sobbing.
"Charlene, see I knew you were going to act up, just like you are now. You just need to get a grip."
"Get a grip? Girl, now I know you are tripping. You can't be serious.
I just know you're not serious. My baby has been shaved and covered in,
hell I don't even know! Who would do this?"
Charlene's bestie shook her head in bewilderment. "Girl I don't know, but this is beyond cruelty."
Charlene and her bestie stand in the doorway to her bedroom, staring
down at her Pomeranian. The dog had been bejeweled and colored pink. 


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Publicado en el 08.06.2011.


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