Jens Marquard


Without you I starve, got a hunger for you,
I feel like just a half, if I ain´t with you,
it easily doesn´t work if I´m alone,
it is silly, I´m a jerk, if this way stays on,
when it´s good weather and you smile like the sun,
no question whether I also smile along,
this shall not end and so far it ain´t,
and it can´t, it´s what we aimed,

without you I got thirst, this feels the worst,
my head almost bursts, I feel like being cursed,
as I met you first something special occurred,
I felt like a bird, flies and is alert
not ever to hurt the reason, it´s you, that girl,
your nice hair´s curled, us two love this world,

For you I´ll be gentle,
that I´m easy to handle,
at night in the light of a candle,
we are equally mental
during something special ain´t a scandal,
we´re the finest love example,
don´t switch the channel,
this feels phenomenal, 

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Publicado en el 16.08.2011.


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