Dani Rogers

can you keep up ?

im writing, but im not sure what im writing about. there's so many things running through my head right now & i just wanna lay them all on the table. this will be raw, this will be ME, this will be you exploring my head. (leave a comment if you're reading this btw. something random perhaps? thanks). things are weird these days & im trying to keep up with everything that's going on, but no one has time to keep up with me ? why is that? i wish i had someone who understood every move that ive made in my life. i wish there was someone out there who would tell me the dead honest truth & not try covering up like a noodle. TELL ME THE TRUTH. you dont have to impress every person you meet. be a bitch, act like a deranged person, pretend you got away with murder or BE MURDEROUS. haha, again people, im just telling you what im thinking. i wanna meet someone who is fearless & themselves at the same time. i wanna meet someone who isnt afraid to look completely idiotic in front of the whole school, CITY even. im tired of the same people walking around with their noses lifted to the sky like their shit doesnt come out of the same butthole as others. i need someone who could keep up with me and enjoy the shittiest things in life as i do. i dont care for your moping around & sticks shoved in your asses. have FUN for most of your life & throw a middle finger up at anyone who rolls their eyes towards you. i wanna meet a guy who i could be with and not worry about falling in love. let's just kisss & fight & be friends & do funny things together. noooooo attachments. i just have this dream , like everyone else. only, my dreams wont measure up to majority of you FUCKERS. & you know what? who cares? so while other people are crying about little shit, i mean LITTLE shit that goes on in their lives, people in different parts of the world are going through worst. so cut the shit, & dont write a humiliating letter about why you slit your throat. (ohhhh wow, this came out a harsh than i planned it to be)

leave me a COMMENT perhaps if you took the time to read it. & please don't be SHY to have an honest moment like i just did. :)


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