Fergal Dunne

Love Is The Enemy

Everything’s gone now

And all your heroes are dead

You don’t feel like going on

Nothings clear inside your head

Every weekends the same

Another smoke one more pill

And there’s never a cure

Just another line another ill

You keep on searching

But there’s never a remedy

When we kiss goodnight

Even love is the enemy

You walk the bruised streets

Mouth open you start to yawn

Rain and blinking lamp lights

Signal an unwelcome dawn

Another drunk in the doorway

A girls she’s just passed out

Its always going to be the same

And you want to scream and shout

I don’t belong here no more

But there is no remedy

And when we kiss goodnight

Even love is the enemy

Waiting for the change

Dreams that faded to black

No clouds with silver lining

No photos worth looking back

Before you were born

Your sentence was already passed

Never to get out of here

And yes its going to last

You know the way out

You know the remedy

But you still kiss goodnight

Believing love is the enemy

F.E Dunne copyright 2011 


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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 18.10.2011.


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