Daniela Rabenstein

The Kiss

The evening sky is filled with little grey clouds. People around us are whispering to each other nearly soundlessly.
I arrived here full of strong doubts, not knowing what my expectations for this night should be like. But when I finally got to the place you were already sitting none of these doubts survived. I just existed for the moment I caught a sight of your waiting figure, waiting for me.
Now, we are sitting close to each other at a small round table covered with beverages and a candle that plays with your features delicately.
Looking at you I am lost again in my thoughts about things that are not but could be. I feel I am slowly drifting into a world of dreams.
Suddenly, blue meets emerald green. I was not aware that I stopped talking and started staring into your eyes deeply.
Our eyes are locking. I am scared. Maybe this encounter has to end right now. I am not sure if I can stand it any longer.
Closing my eyes for a short moment I intensively focus them at the sky above you afterwards. The fading light of a falling star mystifies our first evening spent alone with just each other.
Your whispered words take me back to reality. ‘You know what they say about falling stars. Now, you have to express a strong long-lasting desire. But be careful what you wish for.’
Again I am closing my eyes and whisper a secret wish to myself silently.
This is when I sense your fingers touching my face gently, soon followed by your lips placing a little soft kiss on my lightly opened mouth.
My eyes flow open. What am I feeling? Is this reality or just another simple and tricky imagination in my head?
Before you start to draw away I am cupping your face in my trembling hands and try to get another sweet kiss from you. I am not willing to let this magic die.
After what seems like an eternity I feel your lips touching mine again. Intensive waves of pleasure cast through my body; leaving butterflies in my stomach. You do not only touch my lips but also my heart and my soul.
I fully lean into our touches. My tongue slides over your lower lip and I can notice a hushed moan. It is nearly soundless but a light shiver of your body shows me that you enjoy it.
The kiss deepens from chaste to hungry. We cannot keep this game going; at least not here. Seeing that reason I break the kiss before we lose control completely.
Your face features joy and delight as I am certain mine is showing too.
I have waited so long for this to happen. I have never thought that some old sayings could really be true.


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