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He is going to Delhi the capital city for the first time in his life. The first thing he did to visit Delhi is entering Google map and searched well the different destinations of Delhi well. He wants to meet the prime minister there. As the prime minister was at Germany last week he was unable to go in the previous week. He booked a second class sleeper ticket in Jammu Thavi Express. The announcement in the railway station informed him that the train going to be landed at the platform No 3. His mind was full of hopes regarding Delhi as he was going there for the first time. Reeba his wife asked him to purchase an exceptional dress material for her and his kid wanted him to purchase a nice salvar for her. Delhi DELHI Delhi this was the rhyme in his mind throughout the week. The electric train approached the platform showing its gigantic power. At the same time there came another train at the next platform. It was the train to kanya kumary the tail end of the sub continent . A girl at the window seat was watching Sam , the man with a massive bundle on his shoulder. As he is having a reserve seat in the train he spent his valuable time to exchange his thoughts with the girl in the other train . Before his train starts his lovely heart went away in the train. He thought that if she comes with me to Delhi how beautiful Delhi will be. The train was moving with might now and he was trying to re shoot his scenario of the film Delhi. Quite conventionally it was passing through the dirty stations and he smelled the crowd with the bundles of poverty over the platform as usually. He heard somebody saying that next stop would be the the last destination of the train. He was totally excited to hear such news since he began his journey five days before. Delhi is going to be attained by him. Actually it was a long awaited dream for him. “When will it reach Delhi?”, his excitement did not allow him to ask such a question to the nearest passenger. Delhi ……………….. what do you mean? “Isn`t Delhi the next stop?”, No, the next stop will be Guahati. This is Guahati Express .How will it touch Delhi? The train stopped at the station. Then only he is able to convince his conscience that he reached at the eastern boarder of the country. He is aware of Guahati ,the capital city of the eastern state Assam.Moreover he has read about Guahati in Darjling Tea, the novel . It was at about eight he reached Guahati and the climate was extremely cold.Only a very few passengers in the station as it was winter time . What to do?How it happened ? may be …..His thouts wandered as he himself at the railway station in search of the next train to Delhi.The announcement came again that Guahati Delhi Express is gong tp arrive shortly relieved his preasure a little bit. He asked the station master regarding his fault and he even is unable to answer the question how he has reached Guahati instead of Delhi. The station master who is kind enough to help him arranged a second class sleeper ticket to him freely. The train reached at the station five minuites early before the scheduled time. He was the only passenger in that compartment since it was a vvip compartment. NO VVIPS will travel in a train in such a cold climate. Still he has to wait for a day to satiate his dream Delhi. Any how the last station would be CENTRAL TERMINAL DELHI. So he had a sound sleep in the train. When woke up it was at about five o clock in the morning. Still the train has to cross two more hours to reach Delhi.How to kill time was his question. The train is extremely fast and smoggy outside is not at all visible too.Then he prepared himself for another round of sleep . He was able to hear the chattering crowd and he realized that he reached his destination. He got down at the station and walked out to see his dream city. As it was winter time no one is seen the street . A taxi stoped for him and asked the driver to drop him at a hotel nearby. The driver was a Keralite and knows Malayalam the regional language so it was easy for Sam to communicate to him. Now he is sleeping so soundly at the hotel room at about nine o clock in the morning. At about eleven he got ready to go to the prime minister’s office. He called to the reception and enquired how can he reach the prime minister’s office . What! at the prime minister`s office!? It is in Delhi? You are in GUA ..HATI.


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