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I live in a big town and I know the best runner of the world cycling.  Don Ranulfo is called.
This Lord of black complexion, already entered in years (has as sixty), daily leaves the House in his old bicycle calls "Saint Tropel": Biggish, heavy, with barbeque, doorbell, Dynamo that is rubbed against the front tire to that of light in the night and until grill to carry persons or goods and runs throughout the city to reach the establishment from the forests of the hills district Supercentro the 14 where he works as a Messenger from about fifteen years ago.
Along daily performs fast cycling packs that envy the best athletes Olympic branch of the pedal, from his work site until several of the banks in the city, offices, to the City Hall, to the Hospital, to deliver correspondence, errands, etc.
No person is able to reach it when it goes up to his "steel horse" of blue color that has either "Engallada" (with various phosphorescent decals, pump for inflating tires, aluminum, rod of iron to defend themselves against the thieves wheels), placed his cloth CAP, grabs his briefcase and gives the first pedalazo that drives at least half a block (such is their strength).
Not even the Sr Manager of the Supercenter was able to stop him in the last Christmas when I try to give him a Christmas bonus for the and his family.  When they came out to look for him already Don "rey" as they affectionately call it all, had departed tripped as a rocket in your fast bike which is affectionately called "La negrita", became smoke and they only see again the next day.
On the street where I live, also lives a girl named Gloria Stella that keeps cycling and running like crazy by the platforms and steep streets of our beautiful city mountaineering.
Just ten years, already on television was followed by carefully 'Los Colombianos beetles' performance as well as of other good riders in the world at events as return to Colombia, the Tour de France, the Vuelta in Spain, the Tour de l'Avenir.
She is fanatical of great cyclists as María Luisa Calle, Lucho Herrera, Santiago Botero, Lance Armstrong, Martin "Cochise" Rodríguez longing for run in Europe on a professional team.
His mother Rosa Eliana gave her birthday a new bike with aluminium frame and since then he looks still more training strongly until running the risk of being hit by a vehicle on the street. 
Because in this city there is no sports arenas where able to practice safely.
Politicians have stolen as ten times the budget for the construction of the sports Coliseum.  Even in documents from the Mayor's Office is already built.
But the reality is that it is a phantom sports Coliseum.  Because it does not exist.
The girl, in one of their many comings and goings, found some beautiful flowers in the garden of a House of so many by which happens every day.  I take a corsage and took her to his mother.
Since then it has well earned the name of "La Jardinerita" and honoring the same, daily carries a bouquet of beautiful flowers to your Mommy, which collects in the gardens. 
Neighbors do not even bother and greet when you cut them and continue planting others so she can have where carry.
Certain day to the House of Mrs. Rosa Eliana, Gloria Stella's mother, came the Professor Andrés Mauritius to ask because the child had not returned to study at the "Colegio de las Monjas" as they call the sacred heart of Jesus.
Rosa Eliana replied that his daughter had enrolled in College 'Julián Trujillo' because they had offered him a scholarship for his studies for being an excellent athlete.
With the passing of the years, the girl was participating in different contests nationwide up to fulfill his dream.  Today, at age thirty-three it owns a nursery and sells many and beautiful garden plants.
Carmenza is a girl of long braids, pink cheeks and long skirt who lives on a small farm of la vereda El Rubí in the cordillera central of our country.
Always dreamed to become a good teacher to teach their neighbouring children of the community where he shares a humble House with his father, mother and two brothers more than six and nine years.  She only has four.
Don Fernando, father of Carmenza is a sturdy, cultivator type of Pope, of equal pink cheeks but with a heart of gold and a good father.
His mother is a peasant's long braids, long skirt, with the passage of time in his face marked by cold hewing in the nights of rain as a sharp knife.
His two brothers if they are a serious thing. 
A couple of crazy, feisty, messy, pigs, farts to the point that there are nights that will scurry them beans with cabbage and fried egg which eat for dinner and made that they lifted the House and make up float with their gas blankets that cover sleeping.
They play the Musketeers (who have read in school in their text books) with old machetes that are left on the farm, amellados for cutting wood for the enormous furnace of firewood for the kitchen from which leaves smoke all day as an eternal fumarole that pollutes the sky blue.  Because in these farms not eaten but swallowed.
In one of the periodic outputs to the people that his father does, to buy supplies and take their lumps of potatoes to sell in the marketplace, Don Facundo, a fat paisa, bearded, with a tooth of gold and thick but warm and friendly, voice the girl accompanied him.
After selling its load of 50 packages of potato which brought in the dilapidated Ford truck model 1950 red with his damaged body of stakes (the truth is that it is a fossil mechanical but useful), are directed to the barn of Don Roberto to buy the shipment for the week (rice, sugar, beans, salt, chocolate, butter, coffee and other stuff)Carmenza was pleasantly surprised for a moment.
I see lying on the floor of the anden barn and already with signs of having been trampled by many people, a small book.
The girl duck and he picked up the book and his surprise was even greater to see was a copy Edition rustic national Constitution of Colombia in 1991, pirate and fairly used version that the first page was written in numbers the sum of five hundred pesos.
-What sadness that do not appreciate good books - thought Carmenza - hopefully all indicate the national Constitution which is the compendium of all the rights and duties of citizens and so our country would be a better place to live with justice and social equity.
Over the years, growing up and having consolidated his life, still retains in its possession little trampled book that had found a child, in his elegant library in wood of prestigious lawyer from the capital of the Republic.
Nabetse Selbonarg
April 04, 2012


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Publicado en el 24.11.2012.


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