Jennifer Rawlings

The story of my life, Part 2 of 8

Jenny planned not to get drunk at parties anymore well until Eve was fat. As she was being fed bars of lard at night, Jenny didn't want to fall into such a deep sleep. She planned to do this by not sleeping comfortably; wearing her tightest thong would do this nicely. She also planed to switch lunches with her sister so that she had the fattening one and Jenny could have the healthy one. If she wanted to fatten her sister then feeding her lard seemed like a great idea, but how would she do it? Jenny thought adding a few sleeping pills to Eve's drink before she went to bed would do the trick. Jenny decided to get herself a supply of lard; she went off to the shops and accidentally got herself some chocolate without really thinking. She now had a bit of a fat girl's appetite; she ate a lot of fattening stuff. Jenny hid the lard under her bed and then relaxed a little in front of the TV as the standard of viewing rose a little. She snacked as she sat, not really realising she was doing so.

When Eve got home, she was happy to see her sister sitting next to the empty snack pots and the empty ice cream pot on the table; she also spotted her twin's belly peaking out from the sweats. Eve then went upstairs with a smile, and Jenny watched her go with a look of hate. That night Jenny made dinner, her sister's favourite, meatloaf. But Jenny added a little too much lard, making it very fattening; when she served it up she made sure Eve ate the majority of it then it was followed up by ice cream for dessert, which Eve had a big portion. Eve then headed to rest in front of the TV with her full stomach; Jenny took this chance to take snacks up to Eve's room, around the PC and her bed.

Jenny then joined her sister to find the snacks had been refilled downstairs. Jenny didn't want to eat them at first, but soon she was popping candy as her sister went to her room to work on the web site. The evening went on and they both snacked up until bed. Jenny decided to get her sister a drink with sleeping pills in it; she put in two when one was on the label for a good nights sleep.

"Hi, Sis, I thought I would make you a drink," said Jenny entering the room.

Eve hid the screen and rose to collect the drink. "Thanks, Sis," she said as Jenny watched the liquid disappear down her throat.

"Well, Eve, I am off to bed; see you tomorrow."

"Are you going to school?"

"Yeah, may as well, well, night."


Jenny then changed into her thong and eased herself into bed and off to sleep, not very comfortably. She set her alarm for 1 am when she would feed her sister. Eve went to bed and right off to sleep, instead of awake to feed Jenny. At 1 am Jenny headed into her sisters room with two bars of lard; she then started to feed them to her sister and found they went down easily; she then decided to get another just to speed things up a little. On the way to bed, Jenny spotted that all the snacks in the room were gone. She headed of to bed, still in her thong.

The next morning Eve rose early by her alarm, well rested for the day ahead. She washed up and prepared a fry-up for herself and sister. She again brought it up to her twin who was still asleep after a bad night sleep. Jenny thanked Eve for the meal and ate every bite before getting up to remove her extremely tight thong. She was then again faced with the daunting task of dressing in her uniform. She didn't bother with her tight underwear and again attempted to fasten her skirt to the second button. At this point, she was still topless and her flabby belly was still wobbling with all of her effort, even though it was being sucked in. At this point her mom walked in to check whether Jenny was going to school that day; she walked in to see her daughter just manage to pop the button on. Jenny then looked up to see her mother gob smacked in her doorway; Jenny jumped back in surprise and accidentally breathed out, forcing her gut to surge forward and over the waistband. As this happened the struggling button gave up and popped off and onto the floor. Jenny then jumped under her covers out of sheer embarrassment. Her mother had not been around enough to really notice her daughter's growth spurt, but came over to reconcile her.

"Oh, Jen it's okay, I won't laugh at you. I'm your mother; you don't have to be shy around me. Do you want to come out from under there?" asked Jenny's mother, but Jenny didn't respond.

"It's alright to gain a little weight, most girls do at this time in their lives. But it's important that you don't let it hold you back from anything like I did. I was a little plump in my school days, but I carried on studying and got the high-powered job I have today and while doing it I lost the weight. You can do the same, too, Jenny; it's not the end of the world to be a bit bigger."

"But I can't be a cheerleader looking like this, can I!" moaned Jenny from under her blanket.

"Well, lose the weight then, honey, if cheerleading is what you want to do. But you have to do it; you can't stay still feeling sorry for yourself."

"How am I meant to go to school when my uniform doesn't even fit me?"

"Well you can have today off to go and get yourself some new clothes and pick up some diet stuff, too; I will leave the money here, okay, sweetie. I have to go now so I will see you tonight - well, maybe tomorrow night, okay, bye," said her mother, leaving a large sum of cash on the bed.

Jenny waited until everybody was gone before going downstairs in her sweat suit, which was tight on her swelling body. She sorted out her hair and make-up after a little brunch before collecting her cash and jumping in to her car and off to town. She then set about sadly admitting her weight gain by buying clothes larger then she ever dreamed she would wear, but she managed to find a silver lining to the experience. She knew that as Eve grew, she too would need bigger clothes and with them at hand it would be easier to make her transition to chubby. After spending lots of the cash on clothes, she decided to stock up on supplies for her revenge against her sister. She bought more snacks, sleeping pills, lard and also some weight-gain powder which she could slip the sleeping pills into to make it even more hazardous to her twin's body. On the way back to the car Jenny contemplated going into Burger King for a little sack, but she fought her urge then had to pass a KFC a few stores down. Again she battled the temptation, but the third time was the charm as she finally reached a McDonald's ten feet from the entrance to the car park; she stopped in for an extra large Big Mac meal which she eat on the way home.

Once home she tried on some new clothes and threw out her old uniform with spite. Then Jenny set about refilling the snack dishes, restocking her lard supply and preparing Eve a little something to eat once she got home: the leftover meatloaf and a weight gain shake. When Eve came home, she was happy to see her sister in new, bigger clothes and to see she had prepared her a snack; Eve ate it right there in the hall, where she received it and finished by the time she got to the kitchen after heading to her room to dump her bag. Eve then went to her room, wondering why her sister was in such a good mood after having to buy a whole new wardrobe in a much larger size. Eve then went to work on her web page; she reported that her sister had given in and bought new clothes, but she wanted to get a weight measurement on her.

Luckily, buying the new clothes was motivation enough for Jenny to go out and model them, even if she was experiencing a period of chubbiness. Eve prepared the usual drunken drill, a blanket, water, web cam scales and most importantly five bars of lard. After a little homework and a big pizza dinner, Eve waved Jenny off. As she headed out, Eve couldn't wait for Jenny to get back and carried on with the site; she had recently made a chat room and she entered to see what was going on in there.

"Hi guys I am gonna b postin a big update 2nite Jen has gon 2 a party and wil b comin back drunk. I wil fed 5 bars of lard 2 her in her underwear and along with d movie I will b weighing her."

"Cool J cant w8 4 dat but will u put down ur weight 2. I no a lot of guys who r interested in u 2."

"Well okay but I am not dat big, nice 2 c u care lol."

"lol if u look like Jenny den ye I care."

"Thanx (blush) I gotta go now, check out the update cya l8r."


With that Eve logged out of the chat room and decided to do her makeup and make herself presentable for her audience: nothing over the top, but a lot more presentable then her stripy pyjamas. She proceeded to dress and then headed for the lounge where she had everything she needed all ready, some of which hidden from whoever bought her home. It turned out to be at 2:30 when Jenny was bought home unconscious and Eve had fallen asleep on the couch in a pool of empty snack wrappers. Eve was quite embarrassed when Jack, who was still Jenny's boyfriend, turned up with her fatter twin in his arms as usual, but this time it seemed more of a struggle. He dropped her on top of the wrappers and turned to Eve, slightly out of breath.

"So how are you doing?" said Jack, who seemed to be a little more interested in Eve then before

"Fine thanks, how about you?" she responded

"Well, a little thirsty, can I have a drink?"

"Yeah, sure follow me," said Eve as she took him into the kitchen. "So what do you want?"

"Well, how about a coffee; it will sober me up a little for the drive home." Eve nodded and put on the kettle. While it boiled, they chatted, mainly about school and sports as Jack played basketball for the school. They continued to chat while he had his drink and Eve waved him off with a bigger crush on him then before. Eve then pulled off her sister's dress and saw her flabbier body beneath. She giggled before pulling out the camera and placed it on the side table, Eve then happily set about feeding the lard to her sister and one by one the bars melted away as she could get them down her quicker, but she was soon starting to struggle on the fifth and final bar.

Eve then moved the camera around and played with Jenny huge bloated gut. She then replaced the camera and pulled out the scales, she heaved her sister onto her shoulder with great effort and felt her warm soft body against hers and also her firm round belly on her shoulder. Eve soon picked out the number on the scale 262 lbs, she threw her sister back onto the couch making a loud thud. Eve then caught her breath before weighing herself, "117lbs, wasn't that more then before, oh well I am not up to Jenny's status yet," she told herself and the camera, she then did the math and found her sister to be 145lbs!

She then took a few more gut shots of her sis before turning off the camera, Eve then set about cleaning up all of the rubbish, scales and camera. She then laid Jenny down and covered her up with the blanket and left the glass of water next to her. Eve then went to bed really tired; she had school the next day.

Eve woke up very tired, but forced herself to get up to make breakfast for Jenny and herself. She ate her meal in the kitchen before bringing Jenny's meal into her on the couch. But to her dismay she found her mom sitting over her hungover sister.

"So, you don't feel up to school today?"

"Nah, Mom, I have a real bad headache and a dodgy stomach."

"It's not about what we discussed yesterday morning is it?" said their mom noticing Eve in the doorway.

"No, Mom, I just feel bad."

"Okay you do look off, call me at work if you take a turn for the worse," said her mom, rising and heading for the door.

"Okay, Mom, see you later on."

"Well, maybe tomorrow evening, I have to work late, love you, bye." With that, she left off for work and Eve entered the room to check on her sister.

"So Jen, you off again?"

"Yeah, I am hung over, I am never drinking again."

"Well, I made you breakfast, you want?"

"No thanks, you have it, save your effort from going to waste," replied Jenny, wanting her sister to consume more calories to help fatten her up, as Eve had fattened her up.

"Well…" said Eve indecisively.

"Go on, eat it, you are early for school anyway," said Jenny, glancing at the clock over the fire place.

"Ok go on then, save it going to waste" said Eve as she stuffed the fry-up down her throat. She left feeling bloated and a little late, but not too late as to forget her lunch - well, in fact, Jenny's lunch.

Jenny remained on the couch for a few hours before pulling herself together enough to wash up. After a quick shower, she pulled on some new trousers and a top and flopped back down onto the couch. She quickly and absentmindedly ate all of the snacks around her as she was hungry from no breakfast and it been almost lunchtime. But after the snacks were done she, headed for the kitchen and prepared a little feast, microwave pizza, chicken sandwich with mayo, half a pack of cookies, a large glass of milk and the remaining half of a family bag of crisps that Eve had started the other day. She took her food back to the lounge and set about devouring it all; she soon found she had made too much food but surprisingly she managed to eat all of it before Eve got home.

After she had finished she sat back, her trousers button and fly undone with her bloated stomach in both hands. Eve walked in to see Jenny with all of the food remains around her and rubbing a very big belly. Eve giggled as she headed up to her room to get a head start on some homework before revision, but as she left Jenny smiled to herself, too. While she was eating, she was planning her vengeance. Jenny decided to make dinner for her darling twin. Jenny planned to make the most fattening meal she could make and pump it into Eve to help her gain weight. Jenny tried to get up, but she had a pang in her stomach. she decided to leave it for a while and in this recuperating period she planned the meal: buttery garlic bread to start then move onto the huge family sized, double cheese pizza, which Jenny would add a bar of lard. Then move onto the double chocolate cheesecake Jenny had bought the other day while shopping for such an occasion. The meal itself didn't involve much cooking - well, adding a bar of lard was about it but it would help Eve get fat and that's what she wanted. After Jenny had reached over and made the call she went and collected the bar of lard and cake in preparation. When the pizza arrived Jenny quickly paid and placed the slices of lard she had made onto the pizza, excluding three pieces for herself. She watched it melt as Eve came in to see her dinner.

"Wow, Jenny, this is a lot of food!"

"Yeah, I think I have overeaten today as it is," she said patting her still bloated belly, through her open trousers. Jenny knew this would make Eve happy and easier to persuade. "Ok, as I love pizza so much I will eat as much garlic bread as I can, as much cake as I can and these three slices of pizza"

Eve thought about the calories that Jenny would be consuming on top of her lunch, and she accepted, not realising what she would have to eat herself. Jenny fed her sister cleverly, he firstly put on Eve's favourite video, What Women Want, and she also gave Eve the food slice by slice as apposed to one big meal which would put Eve off a little, resulting in Eve not eating all Jenny had desired. The stage was set, and Jenny took delight in watching Eve take her first, second and third bite of the lard-laced pizza. While Eve stuffed herself, Jenny was sure to overact her fullness in front of her sister and pushing out her belly a little.

Eve smiled to herself, she was watching her sister stuff herself and almost watch her belly rise. But as the movie wore on Eve began to feel stuffed as she finished three quarters of the garlic bread and five huge slices of pizza. Eve wasn't sure how much she had eaten, but she knew she was getting rather full. But so was Jenny so she thought she had eaten roughly the same as her sibling, which couldn't have been much as she was too full to fasten her new trousers Even before dinner. Once the main course was out of the way, Jenny heaved herself up and bought through the cake.

"I don't know if I can eat any more, Jen," moaned Eve with a true bulging belly, even if it was smaller then Jenny's.

"I know I am stuffed too, so I will make you a deal. I will eat one slice for every one slice you eat," challenged Jenny, but Eve didn't look too into it. "God, it looks really fattening, too. I shouldn't really be eating this. I have overdone it today as it is," said Jenny, rubbing her still exposed belly. "I am fat enough as it is; it's okay for you Eve; you are so slim you can afford to gain weight, but I am not so lucky, I shouldn't eat any of this," said Jenny with some not so subtle reverse psychology. But Eve fell for it hook line and sinker; she sat up with a sly look of determination.

"Ok then, Jenny, yeah, I will do your one-for-one idea," said Eve, sitting up once more.

"I don't know; I am too fat as it is," replied Jenny, trying to suck Eve in more.

"You're not fat; you look great. How about it then, one for one?" suggested Eve.

Jenny then looked up from her belly to the cake then to Eve and nodded. Jenny then set about cutting the slices off, looking quite pathetic. She quite obviously cut Eve off a bigger slice, but as Eve was about to protest, she saw Jenny looking sadly down at her fat stomach and decided not to say anything. They then started their large slices, still in front of the movie. It was quite a struggle to get it down for Eve and a bit of a push for Jenny but they were both done, Jenny could see Eve was struggling and decided to finish her off.

"I fancy another slice, but I am scared that I will get fatter."

"Umm…don't worry go for it …you look great…" huffed Eve, rubbing a belly bigger then ever before.

"But I don't look great though, do I? I am huge, it's so fattening for me if I eat any more I will gain even more weight," said Jenny, holding her belly and waiting for a response.

Eve then weighed up the pros and cons of the next decision. Pro: Jenny will get fatter as she said; con: she would have to eat more and maybe gain weight. But Jenny did say she had room to grow. Eve spent a few more moments before deciding the pros out weighted the cons and went for another slice; this time Jenny made them even and ate her slice, bringing her to a very stuffed state. When she looked over to check on Eve she found her asleep with a little cake left over.

"Well, well, well, look who is out cold, and look you didn't finish your cake. You need to be punished; a bar of lard should do it." Jenny moved herself to her room to get the lard and then back down to feed it to her sister. It took ages as Eve was stuffed, but she finally got it down. Jenny then cleared up and stripped her sister and admired her belly. Jenny covered her up before going to bed quite early; she had school the next day.

The following few weeks flew by in a blue of weight gain that got the whole school talking and a big stir in the weight gain community over the Internet site that was still being ran by Eve. The girls had now reached the start of their two-week long Easter holiday and each of them had a lot in mind to help fatten the other one up. Everyday both of them worked on fattening up the other; this ended up in both of them gaining a lot of weight. Eve had gained the most weight out of the two, reaching a whopping 151 lbs; a layer of flab lay all over her soft, white, supple body. Just like Jenny, Eve took a big part of the weight to her belly as it was being pumped frequently full of food.

Even at 151 lbs Eve was a little more on the flabby side, whereas Jenny's body was more fleshy, but still very wobbly. This was due to Jenny concentrating on lard feeding for Eve, whereas Eve liked to use more food to fatten up her enemy in weight. The transformation from slim to chubby was a lot easier for Eve for two main reasons, the first being that there was lots of larger clothes at hand from Jenny, so going up clothes sizes wasn't such a sudden shock. The second way in which it was easier for Eve was no social obligation to stay slim as she didn't have any friends, anyway - or people that really cared about her at school - so there was no peer pressure put to her to slim back down. Eve was still running her web site and getting lots of hits, but ever since Eve put her weight down more then once and people could see it was increasing, they started to become interested in Eve, too, and soon she found herself getting requests to post pics of herself along with Jenny.

Eve knew what she weighed, but it didn't particularly bother her yet; she wasn't too big and she knew she was bound to gain some when taking out her sister; admittedly she didn't think it would get that far, but she was still thinner then Jenny, so the plan was working. Eve now grew more curious about making a post, and she firstly made a small one fully clothed. But as the holidays began she was planning her third post, in her underwear.

Jenny hadn't gained the 34 lbs that Eve had gained, Jenny only gained a mere 22 lbs bringing her to a fat 162 lbs, Jenny now had quite the double chin, thicker arms, chunkier thighs, rounder ass, fuller chest, wider hips and a huge flabby gut, which formed three rolls when sitting, each getting bigger as you went down. Jenny was now in the fat category and glad to be on her holidays as she was being hounded about her weight from friends and her boyfriend. She also wanted to get started on fattening up Eve, but mainly it was her tight uniform. She was wearing the same size as Eve and it was snug on her, the extra 11 lbs didn't help, and Jenny stripped off before Eve even got in.

Eve walked in to see her semi-naked sister with a huge groove in her stomach from her skirt along with the stretch marks she had on the go. When Eve walked in, Jenny ran upstairs to put something on, which turned out to be some tight sweats. Jenny really needed some new gear, but she needed the money off her mom as she had spent all of her money on Eve's holiday supplies. Eve giggled to herself as she watched her twin's fat ass wobble out of the door and imagined how she would look when they had to go back to school, Eve too went and changed into something more comfortable, which was an identical sweat suit to Jenny, the first time they had dressed alike in some time. They both smiled at this and slowly started the holiday binge, each girl pulled out food from the fridge and took it back to the lounge for the other to eat.

They started eating and didn't stop from 3:45 until 7:30 when their mom came home; she walked into see the lounge full of the empty food packaging and her two daughters lying on the couch, looking too fat and too full for the clothes they were wearing, especially Jenny who had taken off her top as it was too restricting and kept on riding up. She sat there in her tight bra, that was clearly overflowing at every angle; she also had pulled her sweat bottoms down under her belly, exposing her more then skin tight knickers, she also saw that Eve had also done the same with her bottoms. Her top as still on, but was riding up her belly.

"So I take it you have both eaten then," said their mother slightly amazed at what they had done.

"Umm, yeah," said Eve, rubbing her bloated belly.

"So it looks like you guys could do with some new clothes. Here you are. I will give you some cash each so you can go shopping tomorrow," she said, pulling out her purse, she counted out £250 each and said, "There you go; I hope it lasts you." She said gesturing to the remnants of their binge.

"Oh, thanks a lot, Mom; I would get up but," said Eve rubbing her tender belly.

"Yeah that's great, Mom; I need some new gear," said Jenny taking the cash and counting it out on her belly. The twins' mom then left her daughters to go into the study to do a little work with an empty wallet and a feeling they would continue to get fatter.

The girls ate for the rest of the night and both went to bed very, very stuffed. But as they both wanted to add as much fat as they could to each other's waistline, they planned to do the usual lard thing. They both headed up for bed at 1am, but Jenny headed to the kitchen with her joggers below her belly and top on the floor; she then set about making a weight gain shake for Eve with a few sleeping pills in it. Jenny then made her way upstairs and into Eve's room, holding her belly to release some of the pressure formed by all of the food inside and for added effect in front of her scheming sister. Eve was sitting up in bed, with the covers over her as she planned to sleep naked, as her old pyjamas were too tight and just wearing underwear wasn't too nice.

"Oh hi, Jen, I was going to bed," said Eve making sure she was covered by her blanket.

"Oh yeah, me too, just thought you might like one of these; I had mine downstairs; they are really nice," said Jenny, handing the drink to her sister who smiled and gulped the sweet drink down her throat. Jenny then smiled too and went right to bed and straight off to sleep on a full stomach after setting her alarm for 3 am.

After finishing her drink Eve rubbed her belly and regretted having that on top of her binge; at least Jenny ate more then she did and would get fatter. Eve waited and listened carefully for Jenny's snores; this meant she was in her deep sleep; Eve climbed out of bed, grabbed her camera and four bars of lard and then crept into her room. She put her sweats back on as she began her feeding; she turned on a lamp and then set up her camera for a full view of Jenny. She slowly pulled off the cover to find Jenny in some extraordinarily tight grandma knickers and overflowing a fully stretched sorts bra. Eve smiled and started rolling the camera; she then set about feeding the lard to Jenny and watched her already full stomach inflate over the next half an hour. After all four bars were done, Jenny's knickers were literally coming apart at the seams and her belly swelled to new extremes. Eve finished with a few pics and then headed for bed as she was getting really tired. She slept naked and with a big smile on her face, unlike Jenny who was tossing and turning on her fuller stomach until 3 am when she woke to feed Eve.

Jenny pulled out five bars of lard and then crept into her room to see her sister in a deep sleep. She the cut off big chunks of lard and popped them into Eve's mouth, the manner in which Jenny fed her sister was a lot faster, but also held more risk in waking her, but the sleeping pills and the full stomach put Eve into a really deep sleep. Jenny finished at 3:25 and went right back to bed to rest up for a big day's shopping.

The girls woke up late the next day, Eve at 1 pm and Jenny at 1:30 pm. This allowed Eve to prepare Jenny a big breakfast in bed, which was a very fatty fry-up; it literally swam in grease and was also very substantial in size.

"Oh hi, Eve, what's that? Breakfast?" asked Jenny, getting more and more interested in her sister as she smelt the food.

"Yeah, I thought I would do breakfast in bed as a holiday treat; I already had mine, here you go," lied Eve; she had only eaten a bowl of cereal - well, a bowl big enough to allow three people to eat from it comfortably. "So are we going shopping today?" asked Eve, wanting to go on a shopping trip with her sister, which would be fun in itself and also great for her vengeful side, watching Jenny attempt to squeeze into clothes far too small for her and also see her dejected after buying clothes in a much larger size.

"Yeah, sure, but I can't spend the whole day out; I have to meet Jack at 4 o'clock at his house; he wants to talk to me about something serious," replied Jenny as she began eating.

"Well, hurry up then, if you want to get a few hours shopping in," said Eve, leaving Jenny's room by the through door into her own room to get out of her robe and into something to wear while she shopped.

Jenny ate her meal happily, but when she was done she headed for the bathroom to shower; once under the warm water, she began to lather up her body and began to feel just how much it had expanded and how soft and wiggly she felt. But she didn't get down; she just clambered out, dried off and went to her room to put on a face. She did her makeup and hair and then looked for something to wear. She decided to miss out on knickers as her biggest pair were what she was wearing last night and it would make her clothes even tighter. She rummaged through her drawers and found only two things that were close to fitting: firstly the sweats she wore last night and they had loads of food stains on them so she refused to look like that in public, let alone wear sweats outdoors. The other possible thing was her school skirt; she pulled it on and skipped the first and second buttons, as they hadn't fit for ages; she went for the third. It was a tight push; she sucked it in all she could and lay on her back and finally fastened it. It was a strain but it was secure for now.

She then went for a top. She put her sports bra back on as she looked for a top. She pulled out all possible options, all two of them. First a tank top: she tried it on and it left a big gap between her extraordinarily tight skirt and the top of her deep belly button. She also thought it didn't go with the outfit. The other one was her dad's largest sweatsuit top; it didn't go with her skirt, but it did fit pretty good. She finally decided to go for it, but she wore a large jacket over the top to cover herself up. She then donned some tights, as she wore nothing under her skirt and then some shoes before going in to see her sister in her room, lying on her bed in some really tight jeans and a top that showed some midriff, Even if it didn't mean to.

"I know, I know, I need new clothes; let's go," said Jenny to her sister on the bed.

"Well actually, Jen, you don't actually look that bad," admitted Eve as Jenny's clothes all matched and she even accessorised with her bag and shoes.

They then jumped in Jenny's car and headed off to town. They went into a huge store that was guaranteed to have something they wanted. Jenny wanted anything that would allow her to breathe as her skirt was even altering her walk. They went through the shelves as girls do, looking at almost every item and deciding if it looked good on either one of them. Well, they looked the same so things were different, but they both had different styles so it worked out okay. The girls then began to pick out items they might like; Eve chose stuff in a size larger and even some in two sizes bigger as she was being realistic. But Jenny would only choose things one size larger, as she didn't want to admit her growth was bigger then she had to.

The girls then bought their stuff to the changing room, dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, tops, sweaters and many other items. They began to change; Jenny was glad to be out of her skirt. As she rubbed her belly as it popped back out from its restricted position. She then tried on trousers, skirts, jeans and a few other items wore on the lower half of the body, but for all of them she couldn't fasten them together on the correct button. She then tried her tops and again, like her ones at home, they all rode up her belly and refused to stay on her waistband. She modelled each item for Eve, and Eve loved it, wishing she had bought her camera with her. Soon Jenny had to admit it and asked Eve to get some of her clothes in a larger size, Eve did this with delight and returned to hand her sister the clothes in her changing room as she stood there, still with no knickers on and only having her bra on top. She again modelled these items for her sister and again they either didn't fit like the others or were really tight when they were fastened.

Dejected, Jenny asked for another size up. And while modelling these clothes she found they all fastened but were very snug like Eve's clothes, the one or two sizes wasn't enough for her either and Eve had resorted on going up two sizes to leave a little growing room, whereas Jenny was going after clothes four sizes up to be comfortable. She was wearing her clothes again while she went up and down a few isles but she couldn't find anything in her new size. She went to ask a shop assistant about the sizes.

"Excuse me I can't seem to find anything that fits," whispered Jenny to the shop assistant.

The woman looked her up and down and replied, "Well, miss, we only cover the average sizes in this store we only carry items up to a certain size as these items get the most demand; larger sizes can't be found here. Can I suggest next door; they do a good range in larger sizes for women of your… stature."

Jenny had a dejected look on her face, as she knew what was being said. She then collected Eve that had just spent £150 on new gear and left.

"Why are we going Jen? Aren't you getting any new clothes?"

"Yeah, of course I am, just not here; they don't have anything I like, and they don't do very good under wear, unlike this place," said Jenny leading her sister in the suggested shop. Eve knew what must have been said and smiled as she again went about the isles shopping. This place didn't quite have as good a selection of gear, but it was in larger sizes and they did have a better range of underwear. This time they shopped more quietly as Jenny wasn't in the best of moods; she picked items off the shelves four4 sizes larger then what she was wearing and tried them on, they too were a little snug, but she reused to budge anymore. They then went to the underwear department; there, they bought bras, knickers, thongs and under a little coaxing by Eve they both picked up a bikini each. But Eve did this cleverly; she picked out Jenny's bikini in a larger size then the rest of her gear all in the hope that Jenny would gain so much weight that she would only have that left to resort to.

The girls then paid as Jenny wanted to get off to meet Jack. They both put on a new outfit; Eve wore some jeans and a green sleeveless top and Jenny wore some black trousers and shirt. In total Eve had spent £200, with £50 left over and Jenny had spent £190 with £60 left over; both of them planned to spend it all on food for the other and on the drive home, with all the bags in the back they pulled up to some traffic lights and they both spotted a sign saying:



They both couldn't wait to get there and spend all of their money on chocolate for the other. But it had to wait for now as they were heading home, and they couldn't buy all that chocolate in front of the other. Once home Jenny dumped her bags and headed back out again as she was running late for Jack, Eve took her clothes to her room and added them to her wardrobe and then logged onto her computer to add the new movie to the site and tell the world about the shopping trip.

On the way to Jack's house Jenny thought about stopping in at McDonald's, but she thought about her size difficulties at the shop and thought against it. She soon pulled up and knocked the door; Jack answered and looked her up and down and invited her in. The house was empty so they went into the living room and Jack sat her down and then sat on the coffee table in front of her.

"So do you like my new clothes? I needed some new gear as mine was getting…so what is this all about baby?" said Jenny, crossing her arms over her stomach and changing the subject when it came close to her weight.

"Well, it's to do with our relationship; you see things have changed a lot since we first started going out," said Jack

"Yeah, I know I haven't been out at many parties recently; it's because of that bitch Mary Anne; she keeps on calling me fat."

"Well, it has something to do with that, Jen."

"What, you fancy Mary Anne? How could you?"

"No, it's nothing to do with her; it's more about you and how you have changed."

"What do you mean?" asked Jenny, slightly confused

"I don't mean to sound insensitive but Mary Anne does have a point."

"A point about what? Just come out and say it, honey; I want to know what's annoying you, I can change."

"Well, it's about your weight; you have gained quite a few pounds in the last few month and…"

"What! How can you sit there and call me fat! It's not my fault I have gained a little weight; I can take this from Mary Anne, just about but not from you," screamed Jenny as she heaved herself up and stormed out of the front door. The last thing Jack saw of her was her jiggling ass, wobbling out of the door.

Jenny hopped in her car and sped out of Jack's drive and off home as her eyes started to well up. She sped round town nearly causing several car accidents when she stopped in traffic lights; she wiped her tears from her eyes and then looked at herself in the car mirror. She saw her mascara had run so she looked for some tissue but found none. Then she caught the smell of the McDonald's just across the way so she decided to stop in to grab a napkin to clean herself up; she pulled into the car park and then walked into the restaurant after composing herself and stopping her tears from flowing.

She walked in, looked for a dispenser and spotted one by the tills. She joined the queue and when she got to the front and collected her napkin the guy behind the counter asked what she wanted. Jenny thought about refusing, but the smell intoxicated her, and she was hungry from a hard day's shopping and not eating since breakfast.

"Well, can I have two, no three big Mac meals with Coke and, umm, apple pies and umm, super size them all, please."

"Yeah sure, is that eat in or take out?"

Jenny thought about this and decided to eat out, in the solitude of her car, and she needed a mirror to clean up her mascara. She paid and took her food quickly to her car and then began eating there in the car park; she began to think about what Jack had said, but she didn't care. She was hungry so she would eat; he had a nerve dumping her for gaining a little weight; she was a catch and he was lucky to be with her.

"When I go back to school, I will find a better guy then Jack ever was and then rub his face in it," she told herself as she picked up burger number two.

Her food didn't last too long and Jenny cleaned herself up as her eyes stared to whiten again as she got over her tears. Jenny drove off much more calmly then she previously had been driving and soon found herself at the Easter egg shop. Jenny took this chance to spend the rest of her cash on eggs; she filled the boot with 20 eggs from the £50 she spent.

She then drove home and made sure the coast was clear. She quickly and quietly loaded all of the eggs into her wardrobe, hidden under her old, small clothes. She then walked into Eve's room, who had just turned off her computer hearing Jenny pottering around in her room.

"So what did Jack say?" asked Eve.

"Well, we aren't going out any more; we disagreed about things," replied Jenny, looking at her twin with hatred for making her so fat.

"Oh that's too bad; I feel really bad for you. Oh, by the way, dinner is nearly done. Well, I am about to go to the chippie; I will just buy loads of stuff then we can eat what we want. Can I borrow your car?" asked Eve.

"Yeah sure, but don't crash it or you will pay the damage."

"Thanks Jenny I will be right back."

Eve smiled as she got into Jenny's car as she spotted all of the McDonald's packaging on the passenger seat. Eve sped off as she had an errand to run before getting dinner. She stopped in at the Easter egg place and bought 20 eggs herself. The guy in the shop looked at her very funnily; little did Eve know Jenny had been in 10 minutes earlier. Eve then went for the chips; she got four large bags, three fish, two jumbo sausages, four pies and a three-litre bottle of Coke. She paid from the money her mom left for dinner and then sped home.

She took the food in and told Jenny to serve it all up while she took care of something; the something was getting all of the eggs to her room and in the same hiding place Jenny was using for the exact same purpose. Eve came down and saw all of the food on different plates covering the table in the lounge. Jenny had the TV on and was already digging in with a plate of chips on her belly; the large bags of chips wouldn't fit onto a plate so in total there were eight plates of chips. Eve took a seat next to Jenny and picked up a plate and placed it on her smaller, but still chubby belly. The girls ate like the meal was their last, each taking either a plate of chips or one of the other items Eve had bought and then resting the plate the food was on, on top of their inflating bellies.

Eve wanted Jenny to eat more, but Jenny wanted Eve to eat more of the food; this resorted in a stalemate of both of them eating about the same. Jenny managed to eat a little more though eating the extra piece of fish. Once it was all gone, they sat in an ocean of grease-covered plates until Eve decided to push Jenny. As she could see Jenny, had some room left as she had the strength to pay attention to the TV and her jeans were still fastened.

"Hey, fancy some dessert?" said Eve, hoping to make Jenny fatter.

"I could eat something, yet nothing too big, though, I am kind of full."

"Tell me about it," said Eve, trying to get up, Jenny spotted she was struggling and smiled and pushed her chubby ass to get her to her feet.

"Getting bigger by the day," Jenny thought to herself as Eve headed into the kitchen.

Eve looked in the fridge and the freezer and came out with a gallon of chocolate ice cream and half a box of doughnuts. Eve grabbed two big spoons and returned to see her sister rubbing her belly. Eve took her place next to her sister and placed the ice cream on Jenny's belly and the doughnuts. They both started eating from their own food before swapping over; this resulted in them both having then doughnuts and then both having a gallon of chocolate ice cream. By the end Jenny had unfastened her trousers and so had Eve who was really stuffed. Jenny, seeing her sister really full, wanted to push her over the edge and asked if she wanted anything else.

"Umm, only if you eat with me," replied Eve, always wanting Jenny to eat more.

Jenny nodded, making a double chin before attempting to get up. But she couldn't quite manage it. Eve helped by sliding behind her bigger sister and pushing with both hands on each love handle to get Jenny up.

As she hobbled into the kitchen, Eve thought, "God, she is getting fat."

Jenny rummaged around a little and came back in with three big bags of marshmallows, a bottle of Coke and a family bag of crisps. Jenny came in smiling to see Eve was still lying down, not bothering to get up and rubbing her belly. Jenny made her get up when she went to sit down and gave Eve the crisps and a bag of marshmallows and Jenny had the other two bags with the Coke in the middle. The girls carried on munching at a lower pace, but they managed to eat all of the food, Jenny eating more this time, with Eve stuffing half of the crisps and one bag of marshmallows while Jenny eat all of the rest and nearly all of he Coke. They both sat there with their trousers/jeans unfastened and rubbing their bellies. They didn't eat again until10 o/clock when their dad came home. He walked in through the kitchen and when Jenny heard him she fancied more food to help fatten Eve right up and Eve thought this, too, as they began to call out to their dad.

"Dad, hi. Can you get me and Jen something to eat, maybe some cookies and chocolate bars?" shouted Eve.

"Oh yeah, and a bit of that cake, too," shouted Jenny.

"Oh yeah, sure, didn't you guys have dinner or something?" said their dad as he walked into the lounge with all of the food and was shocked to see all of the empty plates and food packaging around them, then he looked at them to see their bloated bellies and food covered faces. He passed the food over to them and walked off into the study, shaking his head. They both ate the cake then a pack of cookies each and then finally the chocolate bars their dad had bought in. It topped off their hunger a lot and they carried on watching TV and quickly eating all of the snacks from the dishes around them.

They sat there until 12. When Eve went off up to her room, she wanted to get some pics of Jenny, so she grabbed her camera and then crept to the top of the stairs where she could see Jenny down on the couch in the open lounge. She took a few pics of her belly and then crept into the kitchen and then took some pics from the doorway. She then gave Jenny some more cake before putting the pics on her web site.

After her cake and a few sitcoms, Jenny got tired and thought Eve must be too so, she went to prepare Eve a nice weight gain shake with the sleeping pills in it. She walked up to Eve's room, feeling stuffed still but had fastened her trousers again. She walked in to see Eve at her computer; Eve had just saved her site and turned off her PC when collecting her drink. Jenny had taken a sip and deliberately made a mustache to make it look like she had drunk one herself to make Eve feel better. Eve downed the shake as Jenny left and burped as Jenny closed the door. They both prepared for bed, changing into their new bed attire: new pyjamas, Jenny's blue and white-stripped top and bottoms and Eve had pink short sleeve top and shorts. Jenny put her alarm on again for 3 am and went to sleep; Eve again waited up before stuffing four bars of lard into Jenny and then sleeping herself, Jenny was then woken by the alarm and fed five bars to her sister before going back to sleep herself.


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