Abderrahmane Ouacham


If yesterday never dies,
Could i stand and open eyes?
To see, to say and to hear heven's sound
Heart's close, hands're open wide
The sun rise and set at the same time
Today's comin' just to wipe off my crime
If today never ends,
How to find my soul, my mind?
Lost between space and time
However life's runnin', im standin'
In the middle of the storm
Feelin' the hot, the cold and the warm
Waitin' for tomorrow to ease my pain
To open my eyes, to enjoy the sunshine
If tomorrow never comes,
No hope, no aim and no dream,
How can i live, i just wanna know?
I will survive, that's sure!!
But just to hate, to hit, to kill and to die
No one can save me, when there's me
There's no one else, dyin' silently,
Waitin' for you, will you let me down????


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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 30.12.2005.


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