Maddiie Vali

Frustrations I Could Have Prevented

Not really one to suffer from bouts of depression

or severe anxiety - only occasionally

Never attempted suicide

or hurting others - due to my own inner pain

Yet thoughts of suicide have passed through my mind

not that I would ever consider it though

Thought about how people might feel without me

and somehow I know I couldn’t leave them alone

Regret is the worst of all feelings

Regret because of incomplete homework - it sucks

Regret because of lack of sleep - it sucks

But regret for doing something stupid

Always there

Not being able to do the spring musical because of forged late notes

That is worst

It isn’t like my parents didn’t know, they knew

Yet somehow it’s still a crime

Now my first period absences and lates are piling up

Danger of losing credit

For one of the easiest classes ever

Debating whether or not I should forge again to save myself

Hating when people do not take my advice

I try to help

It kills me inside to see them suffer

Do they do anything? - No

Realizing that I am a cruel bitch

One who tries to help but gets frustrated when some are too weak

Apparently I’m intimidating


Life just sucks sometimes anyway



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Publicado en el 08.01.2014.


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