Abderrahmane Ouacham

Resemblance !!!!

Can we take a few moments, just a moment?

Just to have a think, to find out our resemblance

To the sky, to the sea, to the earth and to us

Our life run away and we still dont know it

I always wanted to stop you when you say

"Viva life", i know it's your beautiful mind

That make you so happy, so kind to say

"Viva Life", but it's not so simple to live

This way, that way, you think i have a black mind

But not, you're wrong, it's not my mind, but our life

You remember our resemblance,

To the sky, to the sea, to the earth and to us

Take a moment, and help me to realize

If we're like the sky, where's our shining sun?

The blue sky is so vaste, so beautiful

Can we just stay in our open hall?

To observe people saying "beautiful couple"

Im afraid we cant, so you think we resemble

To the sky, no!!!! never!!!!

The large sea, deep as my thoughts

So mysterious that just his creator can know it

But we still have, in spite of all

People saying, "Wow!!what a wonderful sea"

Can we resemble to sea, you just know the answer!!!

Now, come with me, and have a look, to the earth

Awful, soiled, poisoned, dirty, obscene and many more

We cant deny it, because it's the reality

Now we will have a trip to the moon,

Looking to the earth, what can we say less than "Superb"

And we know that we can never resemble to the earth

We just resemble to us, you and me

But can we live together, im afraid not

Because life dont allow us to be together

Just because one day, you will say,

"You're not the man i loved before", and i will understand you

Because this is me, changing everyday, every moment

To live, like life wants, the chameleon is my sign

He knows how to change with time and space

To live however life wants, whatever he looks like

He will live, with many resemblances

And he will die, with one, just one resemblance

To a chameleon!!!!!!!!






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