James Woods

The Wildcat

It was nearing dusk as Jack made his way round the outskirts of the field. He had waited all day for this opportunity. He climbed over the style and into the lush grass of the meadow, and his thoughts returned to what he had read in morning newspaper.
The article that interested him was the current topic about some wild beast in the fields. Different sightings had been made and some saying it was a puma, but many alleging it was a Black Panther. Several sheep had been found savaged, but there was no evidence of any attempts to eat them. It appeared that this creature killed just for the hunting pleasure it got out of it. Something didn’t sound right; it wouldn’t be very exciting hunting a sheep. There were the usual fictitious sightings, backed up by tales of witches and folklore.
Jack checked his rifle. It was just an ordinary shotgun, that he had inherited from his grandfather. Some of the tales from his granddad told about boyhood happenings that were similar to those mentioned in the newspaper article and reinforced his interest in the current incidents.
Jack circled the meadow, his eyes ever watchful. There was a sudden movement in the far corner. He waited a moment and then set off towards his objective. It moved again and he froze. Not wishing to frighten off whatever was there. Then he saw something, it was black…and instantly, black panther locked itself into his mind.
There was a huge willow tree in the corner of the meadow. It’s branches spread out into the field. As he got closer, he cautiously squinted his eyes and peered upwards scanning the branches. There was another movement higher in the tree and Jack pointed his rifle in that direction. Hearing a rustling sound, he nervously tightened his finger on the trigger. Suddenly the sound ceased and he relaxed his arm and continued to scan the overhead branches. It was then that he saw her, a most beautiful vision … and he lowered his gun.
“What the hell are you doing up there,“ he shouted, “are you trying to get yourself killed. Get down at once.“
Perspiration had developed on his forehead at the horrible thought that he may have fired the gun. His anxiety turned to anger as the female slowly descended onto the lower branches and dropped gently to the grass a few feet away. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her raven black hair draped gently across her beautifully rounded shoulders and her eyes flashed excitedly in the ever-darkening light.
Jack opened his mouth to speak but only a few stuttering syllables issued from his lips!
“What th… what…Don’t you r re realize I c could have shot you?“
The female moved closer and the excitement expanded within him. Her sweet breath drifted past his face and he could feel the electrifying attraction of her closeness as his rifle slipped to the ground. He reached forward and pulled her towards him and she responded passionately, throwing her arms around his neck. In ecstasy, he kissed her firmly on the mouth, and then lowered his head as his warm lips searched her neck.
Falling to the ground, they locked in a passionate embrace, rolling about the grass. Jack had rolled into a position where he could feel his fallen rifle at his shoulder. Closing his eyes, he drew her closer, fondling her gently.
With a jolt, a vicious snarl brought him back to reality. The creature hovered over him, its fangs flashing in the fading light, its tail thrashing angrily from side to side. Saliva dripped onto his horror stricken face with the foul stench of it’s breath was overpowering as it glared down into his eyes. With lightening speed she sank fangs into his neck, tearing his throat viciously. Slowly, the light faded from his eyes and his body slowly relaxed into the peace of death.
The following morning, large headlines filled the newspapers…
Beast strikes again…this morning, the body of a man was found…
©Copyright BJ Woods 2003


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