Olli Tyynysniemi


A shy farm boy
I approach you with caution.
Then close enough
just a few steps away from you, you will see. I breathed deeply and imaisen lungs full of little frost the freezing morning air
and gather all my courage,
that I would dare to come closer to you.
It went to the heart knows and feels,
I did not know that near the frost pinch my cheeks,
cigarette stains the fingers which,
the cold cold wind on my face.
My bottom will not feel muddled the bench cold,
not leaning wall coolness.
For your intimacy should me a while to warm up,
beauty sweat,
always close to each other as we sat on a bench, few words
cigarettes, smoking.
We even looked directly at each other.
Sometimes Lois admiring glances and you should try again frantically to come up with something to say.
But your side, my lips do not be thrown out of my mouth a single word makes sense ...
In the fairy-like beauty has bewitched a shy country boy forever.



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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 17.03.2014.


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