Aleksandra Bilcane

**For you**

Just imagine a world without the sun,
Without the blue sky, the warm summer breeze.
Imagine a world full of pain and sorrow.
It doesn't sound good, right?
Then imagine a birthday without wishes of luck,
Imagine music instruments without the sound,
Imagine there's no money and power
And love in the world!!
But still a fine lace of hope holds us together
And it won't ever breake
'Cause we're stronger than the rest of the world.
There won't ever be a world without love,
If we are existing
'Cause our love is huge and unbreakable.
Just imagine that this love between us
Will someday dissapear
And will be forgotten.
Does it hurt?
Now you know how it hurts
When you're not by my side.
Just four words,
Four words that say everything....
Where are they now?
They're stuck in my throath.
You are my world.
How does it sound for you?
Please, don't say anything!!
Let this moment last for a while,
Maybe for a fortune....
It's your decision.
You are my world. 

Fuer dieses Gedicht muss ich mich bei Jan Luedecke bedanken, meinem Brieffreund. Ich schrieb ihm einen Brief und wollte ein kleines Gedicht (4 Zeilen) schreiben aber, was daraus kam, sieht man.
Ich freue mich auf die Kommentare, darum nicht faul sein - reicht schon, dass ich faul bin xD
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Publicado en el 28.01.2006.


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