Michael Glauer

Go On

Go on

Don’t stop

Go your way and don’t stop

‘Cause you’re not they

Love the girl you want

And join the passion


When you cry

Don’t stop

And when you laugh

Go on

‘Cause you’re all alone

As long you’ve found yourself


Say hello to Miss Mary

Ask her ‘bout her date last night

She’s gonna tell you

And even you know

Low-rider on your lane

Bring it on, crashtestdummy


When we cry

Won’t stop

And when we laugh

We go on

‘Cause we’re all alone

As long we’ve found ourselves


She’s making problems

You won’t have

Enough is crawling in your mood

Can’t live with or without her

Just take a step just for you

And leave her behind


When I cry

I won’t stop

And when I laugh

I’ll go on

Because I’m all alone

As long I’ve found myself


Can’t leave this behind (Have to leave behind)

Have to leave behind (Can’t leave this behind)



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