Jan Wendler


Hello me
Long-time no see
Where have you been?
Only appeared in my dreams

Hello world
It’s great to be here
Still not at all clear
Thought I could face my fears

Hello life
Nice to be back
I’ll try to pay you back
Stop believing in black

Hello pain
Here we go again
Will you ever end?
I don’t understand

Hello time
Thought you’re on my side
Thought you’d make things right
Thought you could ease the fight

Hello friend
I might need help
Cannot pretend
I’ll manage myself

Hello fear
Leave and I won’t cry a tear
Every time you are near
Real life I can’t hear

Hello me
Here I am down on my knees
My heart prays to be free
I’ve got myself to redeem

Jan Wendler

Somewhere in life I got lost, trying to be someone I am not. Much later somehow the person I once used to be has awakened from his time out.

Okay, a bit melodramatic, but that's the way the poet in me likes to think about it. ;-)
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