Inge Hoppe-Grabinger

In the middle of the ocean

In the middle of the ocean
on an island called "love potion"
lived a poet quite alone
near the shore to see the sea
and to feel so rich and free.

In the midddle of the island
quite alone and also silent
lived a girl without a moan,
walls surrounded her so high
she had built them, by and by.

Why just wait so long and longer,
and some wishes became stronger,
but the girl did not appear,
there was mistrust, there was fear.

So he wrote and wrote some letters
full of love and without fetters,
but they disappeared somehow
in the waves so low and high
and she saw them with a sigh
floating, floating ... washed away,
there was nothing more to say.

In the middle of the island,
quite alone and also silent,
wept  the girl behind a wall
waiting for the poet's call.

Near the shore of the same island,
quite alone and also silent,
is he waiting that she comes,
but in vain and so he hums
melodies that float away ...
there is nothing more to say.

June 2Oth, 2o15



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Publicado en el 20.06.2015.


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