Jan Wendler

This Thing about Honesty

Is honesty the way to be?
To what extent does honesty free?
What if every honest step,
Pushes your goals further back?

How does one know how to react?
Is it meant honestly or more abstract?
How does one know what the counterpart means?
We are all humans and no machines…

Is it honest if nothing is said?
Or is it a lie in someone else’s head?
Does silence make you understand?
Or does it make things get out of hand?

How honest is it to simply turn away?
Is it honest to have nothing to say?
How honest is it to let others assume?
What's honest to me could be a lie for you.

How honest is it to not have the guts?
Is it because we don't give a fuck?
Or is it because we give too much?
To whom do we lie if we just give up?

How honest are we when scared of hurt?
To hurt ourselves or others in this world.
Some things are said not to be heard,
How can we be honest if we don’t hear the words?

Jan Wendler

Honesty, since my youth, was always something I prided myself in and it was very important to me…

The more I live this life we are in, the more doubtful I am about that thing we all call “honesty”.

For myself I figured out that I call myself honest, but when the shit hits the fan sometimes it is easier not say anything at all than to be honest. Sometimes that can be as bad as lying…

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