Thomas Kalbitz

Moonlight shining

I scatter black clouds for blue sky
I’ve got my wings and now I will fly
Feeling air and heat and the world disappear
Losing distrust and losing my fear
I surface in the freer blue sky
Still alone, but hear already your sigh
Night has come and my moon appears
No more sorrows and no more tears
Call me under moonlight shining
I’ll answer your call
Moonlight shining
I’ll answer your call
When the moon is shining
All the harm and pain is dying
Can’t be sad and I’m not used to crying
Everything’s gone I suffered from
And I would suffer most if you were gone
Will you call me under moonlight shining
If you will, I’ll answer your call
The sun went, now we see moonlight shining
Never hesitate, I’ll answer your call
Moonlight shining
Know you better and just can be dumbstruck
Call it my destiny or call it my luck
And I will never leave you if your weather’s changing
Pieces of my jigsaw are rearranging
I’ve been alone and now I’m findin’
My love under moonlight shining
Love each other under moonlight shining
Long for each other, now we’re finding
Each other’s love, it’s moonlight shining
Answer your call under moonlight shining
Yes, I know, you will be calling for me
Then I’d move the mountains for you
Like the ancient gods did before
And you are my goddess, I still need you
Lovely angel, I still need you
Lovely angel, I still need you
Never leave me, I’m not changing
Don’t stop me loving, I’m not changing
Won’t you distrust me, I’m not changing
Lovely angel, I still need you
Lovely angel, I still need you
Lovely angel, I still need you


"Moonlight shining" is about a man who really wants the love of the woman he already loves. He feels that there is something, and he waits for the love to grow. He needs the woman and is willing to do anything for her...See it as you want, I think there are many poems and songs about the topic, and in this case, I connected it to the mystic and exciting night time when the moon comes out. And maybe it's all just a dream...Comentario del autro


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Thomas Kalbitz.
Publicado en el 03.04.2006.


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