Steven Bell

flashlight .........................



I so want you to be my flashlight,

please shine me a path of light,

in my darkest night.


When all light is faded and nothing is left to see,

you know when to push the knob on your flashlight,

that let's white break thru the blackness of night,

and shines a path for me.


Whenever you do this,

that give's me hope and serenity,

knowing you by my side,

that stands next to me,

even thou everything isn't that bright.


But don't be afraid,

whenever you need help,

whenever you're lost,

I'll be the same for you,

I will be your flashlight in the night.


I will walk right next to you,

I will carry you thru dirt,


and however deep the sea might be,

I will bring you over to the other shore.


I'll be there taking good care of you,

I will light my flashlight without saying,

and be there right by your side,

shine you a path of white that get's you out of the blackest darkest night,

because my flashlight,

shines you a path of white,

and you knowing me by your side,

get's you thru the darkest of nights.

Let us be,

our flashlights!

inspired by Jessi J


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Steven Bell.
Publicado en el 05.10.2015.


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