Jan Wendler

It’s all about the Perspective

Somewhere out on another plane,
Another perspective with different frames.
With another viewpoint it’s never the same,
From another angle it’s a different game.

Humans struggling around like ants,
Nature had a different stand.
Raise their hands to her command,
Even when things get out of hand.

What if history was changed?
If our lives were estranged?
What if all memories were deranged?
If our bloodlines were betrayed?

Who determines the definition of size?
Does a silver spoon make you win a prize?
Who still fights when all hope dies?
Truth often wears a blurry disguise.

What is right and who is flawed?
To whose ideas do we applaud?
Most of us are in the same squad,
Let’s live together with no more fraud.

Jan Wendler

I wanted to write something about the current political situation in Europe. I don't understand the stand of many germans when they say that they want closed borders. In other words they are saying that they'd rather see humans die than to help...Comentario del autro


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