Ivana Herrmann

Nocturnal Romance

I met you in darkness, far from the light
one day in the hazes of time.
Your beautiful eyes like stars in the night,
sent shivers done my spine.
Ever since I’ve followed you
to places abandoned and lost
I’ve seen what love is able to do
if only you pay its cost.
I’ve seen you lying in fields of roses,
loving their softness and flowery scent,
watching the marble statues’ poses,
old angels whose stony heads are now bent.
“Don’t love me”, you told me some night long ago
in a shabby old backyard not far from the sea,
and I saw that your eyes were so full of woe
when you said the following words to me:
“Don’t hope for us, we two are lost.
Our love will end in blood.
And even though you love me most
- let’s nip this in the bud.
Just turn around and go away,
while you still have the chance.
Since otherwise you’ll have to pay
so dear for this romance.”
I heard you speak and though I tried
to ignore these words of yours,
although I sensed that you were right,
did things still take their course.
The night was dark and here were we,
you and I alone.
And as you sank your teeth in me
I loved you still - with my last moan.


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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 13.04.2006.


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