Emmanuel Ramos

The Herd

Three hundred of sunny days per year
In this cold grey city 
Thousands of scorched skins 
Leisurely prancing
At the same time in the same places

The South of... 

When the evening shadows stretch themselves*
All the white clothes turn to black
As all the freshly oiled skins
Rush to be back
At the same time in the same places

They're having fun and screaming it
They're drinking life on terrace
As I'm looking for my place
But I just can't handle the hollow
They all seem to be made of

The herd

Climb into your car
For a later place
Be sure you will delay
The time to face yourself
Alcohol will do the rest

Walk among the Herd
Don't forget to seem
Noise and smoke inside your nerves
Will surely let you in...

Run and wriggle,
Seduce the whole world
As the Herd becomes your home
Your home

Don't slow down,don't stop 
Don't let yourself a chance 
To be grabbed by the doubt
There will always be a truth to kill
Inside your dilated pupil

Walk among the Herd
Don't forget to seem...



*h:The Evening Shadows



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